▷ How to build a profitable business from scratch?

This is a question that all beginners ask themselves. Anyone who dreams of making a living from their online business is frantically searching for the answer: How to create a profitable business in a few months when starting from scratch?

This sequence of steps is valid for any topic. That’s literally what the greats do in this game and that’s what works.

Who am I to tell you that?

Because yes, the issue of legality is important for an article like this!

Delighted, Lucien aka Capitaine Copy: An 18-year-old copywriter who trained to the highest level and studied commerce at his first IUT in France.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning to work.

Following the process I’m about to introduce you to, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m in my turn.

I am in touch every day with the Greatest. I see what works and I will share it with you. free.

Is this good for you?

Let’s go.

1/ Define a clear position

The goal is to become clear. Necessary.

All things being equal other than that:

Would you rather eat at the Neapolitan pizza maker’s beast?

Or eat pizza at the kebab station.

In other words: Want to have a great night out, or catch a tourist from hell?

They are seen quickly and should be the same for your business. Before launching anything, take the time to clearly define your offer, goal and positioning.

Why is identifying all this so important?

Well, simply put, because you don’t talk to a man the same way you talk to a woman, mon capi.

Example: A woman wants to be toned while a man wants to be lumpy.

It’s simple, but you have to think about it.

If you focus one day on your presentation, positioning and goal, you can do something very clean and get results much faster. Without it, there is no profitable business any time soon.

2/ Introduce yourself

Well, this is the part that takes a little longer, although some break through in just a month and are actually fermented.

Maybe you are now providing maximum value on your blog or Facebook page, but no one is following you?

So to tackle this and give your lessons a whole room (which is just waiting for that), here are 3 strategies:

  • writing guest articles;
  • posting on LinkedIn;
  • Do the interviews.

do you know them

Today, it is clearly the most effective.

Write articles for the guest

You can contact big blogs about your topic by submitting an article related to it.

It is a win. Grab free content, gain visibility.

This allows you to confirm your expertise “Look at me, post on the biggest blog in [ta thématique] French ! “

At the end of your article, enter a little call-to-action to attract subscribers to your list.

The best thing about all of this?

is that they will be eligible registrars. Yes, they are on a blog for your topic, and it’s good for them to be interested. It will be much easier to convert them later.

Remember, we are looking for buyers, not readers. Quality > Quantity.

I know guys who earn €10k+ per month with barely 1,000 subscribers. If this is not a profitable business…

Post on LinkedIn

It’s pretty much the same principle, but it’s much more convenient if you want to sell your services.

On LinkedIn, you can build a powerful network super fast and super easy.

At the rate of one post per day, which takes 20 minutes to write, you can quickly become personal to your topic.

We are only at the beginning of this platform, and many are still unaware of its unconventional side.

Post your topic, or have fun telling stories about your life and enjoy the benefits.

Interview the bosses in your field

By doing this, you will attract and appear part of the audience of the person being interviewed. He will be able to prove his expertise by answering your questions.

Again, it’s a win. You ask for a link to your channel or email list in the description, and that’s it.

3/ Be regular

The most important thing, as with everything in reality, is to be regular.

If you publish a lot for two months, and then there will be radio silence until the end of the year … you will not go away.

On the other hand, if you strictly follow the method and do not give up, it will pay off.

My advice is to publish one article per week for up to 300 subscribers.

In addition to articles, she writes two emails per week.

Neglecting his list is the worst mistake you can make:

You’ll call them back a few weeks later, they’ll have forgotten about you and they’ll all unsubscribe from your first sales email. unprofitable.

Actually, I have good news for you.

You should not write 2, but you should only write 1 email per week.

One of them could be just announcing an article release

Keep posting and creating regularly, you’ll be good to go.

4 / Understand the audience

At this point, it’s great if your subscriber count has gone down and you’re starting to think about your first offer.

Do not burn your wings, my great Lord.

Before selling anything, you need to make sure that your audience needs it.

For this ?

Start with a maximum of surveys, calls, and questions at the end of your emails.

Obviously, calls are the most effective:

Your audience hands you on a silver platter the nuggets of persuasion so purely unconscious that they won’t be able to refrain from begging you to let them send you money.

But the appeals are also the most difficult to implement. You need to know what questions to ask and how not to make it embarrassing.

That’s fine, I have a secret document that summarizes all of this.

Fabulous, isn’t it?

Click the yellow button there, below the purple handsome guy, to pick up your treasure ☝.

In short, let’s go back…

Spotting the audience’s problems/desire is essential to making sure of a 100% sale.

But before submitting your offer, you must prove your expertise.

So I advise you to post videos (in private if you prefer) that answer the 10 most frequently asked problems for your audience. You post 1 per week, you are showing that you know it, and you are building a solid foundation for your profitable business.

It brings the full value, as it will take.

Snowball effect, as you already know.

A little tip: if you are using a somewhat visual subject (example: drawing).

Instagram privilege. Short and dynamic posts will be more interesting, even photos are enough.

5/ Launch your first product

Get your product that responds to the big reader problem with the above information gathering method (survey, call etc), well trained email sequence, irresistible presentation and improved sales page = big profits.

In the end, this is the easiest part of building your profitable business.

Once you have a buying audience, ready to jump on all your shows, life is good.

A great strength for your projects, the most important thing is that you take action. I can’t say it enough, it changed my life. Stay on track!

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