10 apps and tools to better manage your budget

10 apps and tools to better manage your budget

Having trouble managing your budget? Are you tired of the overdraft and the difficulty of the end of the month? Why not count on one of the following apps to help you?

List of 10 apps to better manage your budget

  1. budget pilot

Recognized by the Bank of France and many financial institutions, PilotBudget is one of the best applications available for managing individual accounts. In the Origin of the latter: OS Famille, Emmaüs Nanterre and Cerise Association.

Very easy to use, it is aimed at families as well as individuals in order to allow them to calculate their remaining living after each transaction. In the interface of this application, you can configure your account by setting a fixed amount for each category of expenses: savings, costs, credit, etc. You should also mention your salary and sources of income.

Apps and tools to better manage your budget
Apps and tools to better manage your budget
  1. Banking Services

Bankin is a free account management app. It is also aimed at individuals who find it difficult to manage their expenses. It can be synced in just a few clicks with your bank account in order to give you a real-time view of your expenses and living expenses according to your disposable income.

More precisely and happily, Bankin is gaining popularity. In fact, the program allows you not only to classify your expenses by gender, but also to name them individually: Netflix subscription, cable, rent, taxes, shopping, etc. This greatly simplifies your management. In addition, Bankin offers personalized coaching to help you improve your financial situation.

  1. linux

Linxo still ranks third in the group of free accounting management apps. It is a program that allows not only personal account management, but also professional management and that, on a pleasant and easy-to-use interface.

Here, we will use shapes and graphics to ensure a better view of your accounts. This is the case on your smartphone as well as on your computer. You will be able to view your expenses and what you have left in real time in order to organize yourself better.

  1. budget

More elegant and still just as easy to use, you also have Budgea to manage your expenses more easily. With this software, you can simply scan your IBAN number, your accounting documents or your invoices to sync all your data on a single interface.

Budgea will perform an automatic and recurring analysis of your financial situation and provide you with charts to guide you in managing your accounts.

  1. Tricont

Tricount is not only an accounting management program for individuals, but it is also an excellent way to view debts that your loved ones still owe you or that you owe to others. It is a guarantee of transparent management, especially for those who live with a roommate, with friends, etc.

This application shines through the simple use and ease of use of its interface. It is up to you to set up your accounts by incorporating the appropriate amounts. Obviously, Tricount not only allows you to see your debts, but also to manage your money well. The application has a feature that allows you to import your cash bills for a more transparent management.

  1. Tochel Finance

Toshl Finance is another free account management mobile app. It works perfectly with the euro, but also with other currencies. You can manage your money in cash or on your credit cards and sync all your accounts there.

At Toshl Finance, you can check your accounts and expenses with the help of well-thought-out charts according to your expenses and financial capabilities. In just a few clicks, you can rate the month or week, with an alert when you’re approaching an overdraft, or a limit you set yourself. The basic version is free. You have 30 days to test this software. To enjoy more functionality, invest a few euros in the pro version.

  1. daily expenses 3

To manage your monthly budget as a couple, you can also count on daily expenses 3. It is a free online software that allows you to manage income, expenses and money transfers with just a few clicks. All expenses can be included in this app: transportation, parties, meals, phones, etc.

It is a simple solution to manage your budget with transparency and objectivity. You can create your account according to your needs and expenses. If you do it right, you can even book a savings fund and thus force yourself to step aside for the future. You still have to find your way around with the many ads on this app.

  1. Ipilot

JePilote ranks eighth in budget management for families and individuals, as well as for young entrepreneurs. If you have a small business or association, the functions of this application can also facilitate your administrative management. It is a program that provides you with an interface with a spreadsheet and a dedicated accounting account. It can also allow you to sync your accounts with other online accounting management systems. It is also possible to import your bank statements on the app.

Be careful, to use JePilote, you will have to pay 49 euros per year. You still have a year to test it for free before committing to such expenses.

  1. excel

Always known as the must-have accounting software, Excel is in its thousandth update. The latest version of 2019 introduces significantly more features that may be useful in the accounting and administrative management of a company.

This software does not really allow you to manage your budget well. On the other hand, it allows you to total your expenses and manage your accounts by balancing rates and credits. For both the company’s financial management and for family accounts, you can get online training to take advantage of all the benefits of the latest version of this program.

  1. Online accounting management software

Finally, depending on the type and size of the business you run, Google can offer you different online accounting management software. Some are free and some are paid. We cannot estimate the quality of services of these apps based only on price. It also depends on individual needs.

For self-employed people in particular, we’ll bet it’s easy to draft accounts and relaunch unpaid invoices with clients. For large companies, it will be above all a question of ensuring the transparency of the accounts. Compare the different alternatives based on their ease of use and the features they offer.

In any case, remember to keep invoices for all your transactions. They will serve as evidence for your tax returns. Not to mention that it will allow you to keep track of your expenses and better manage your money later on. To help you in this regard, you can count on Adobe Acrobat tool. It is an online program that can help you save and merge your PDF files. You can access it via your computer, for free.

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