2022 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, last four matches

There are only four, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Serbia, to compete for the title in Israel. UEFA.com presents the teams.


Best Race of the Tournament: Triumph (2004, 2015)
Introductory course: Group H, second place (3-0 Moldova, 1-1 against Cyprus, 0-1 against Greece)
Elite Tower: Group E, 1st place (2-0 against Luxembourg, 3-1 against England)
Top scorers:
Desire Doi, Matisse Tel (2)

Final stage group stage: Group B, second place (6-1 against Poland, 4-0 against Bulgaria, 1-3 against the Netherlands).
Quarter-finals: 4-3 on penalties c. Germany (1-1)
scorers: Matisse Tal (3), Desiree Douy, Zamana Diallo (2), Naim Pierre, Axel Gueguin, Ayman Aiki, Warren Zaire Emery, Tom Seitel (1)

In two minutes, Germany 1-1 (3-4 kicks.) France

How did they get there? Jose Alcoser’s side got off to an impressive start with 10 goals in their first two matches. A significantly revamped team also advanced against the defending champions in their final group match, but were defeated by the Dutch at the last minute to finish the second set in second place. Against Germany, epic penalty shootouts secured this spot in the semi-finals.

Netherlands (holders)

Best Race of the Tournament: Triumph (2011, 2012, 2018, 2019)
Introductory course: automatically qualified
Elite Tower: Group A, 1st place (2-0 against Hungary, 1-1 against Slovakia, 0-0 against Greece)
best scorer : Ishaq Babadi (2)

Final stage group stage: Group B – 1st place (3-1 against Bulgaria, 2-1 against Poland, 3-1 against France).
Quarter-finals: 1-2 tbsp. Italia
scorers: Dean Heusen, Yoram Borhout, Gabriel Mishoei, Jason Van Douven (2), Isaac Papadi, Anthony Melambo (1)

In two minutes, Holland 3-1 France

In two minutes, Holland 3-1 France

How did they get there? Having conceded an early opening goal against Bulgaria and then needing a goal from Yoram Borhout in extra time against Poland, Misha Visser’s side, who have changed a lot since the second round, fell behind France again before going out ahead with three goals in the final 14 minutes. The Portuguese youth learned their lesson and advanced with two goals to defeat Italy in the quarter-finals. About Huijsen Dean already two penalties.

Knockout matches

Quarter-finals (May 25 and 26)
Germany 1-1 (tab. 3-4) France
Netherlands 2-1 Italy
Spain 1-2 Portugal
Denmark 1-2 Serbia

Semi-finals (May 29)
France – Portugal (Netanya at 4:30 pm)
Netherlands – Serbia (Netanya at 8 pm)

final (1Verse June)
DF1 Winner – DF2 Winner


Best Race of the Tournament: Winner (2003, 2016)
Introductory course: Group 11, second place (5-0 against Kazakhstan, 2-0 against Wales, 2-3 against Ukraine)
Elite Tower: Group H, 1st place (4-1 against Erie, 2-1 against Bulgaria, 9-1 against Finland)
best scorer : Jose Rodriguez (6)

Final stage group stage: Group D, second place (5-1 against Scotland, 4-2 against Sweden, 1-3 against Denmark).
Quarter-finals: 1-2 tbsp. Spain
scorers: Joao Veloso, Afonso Moreira (3), Rodrigo Ribeiro, Ivan Lima, Jose Rodriguez (2)

In two minutes, Spain 1-2 Portugal

In two minutes, Spain 1-2 Portugal

How did they get there? Despite coach Jose Lima’s absence from the first round, the team enjoyed the win over Scotland and continued their momentum by scoring four goals against Sweden. As the third round of the third round approached, the Portuguese, the Group D leader, saw Ivan Lima’s early goal miss at the hands of a determined Denmark that nearly eliminated the double champion. Jose Rodriguez scored the decisive goal from a penalty kick in the 2-1 win over Spain.


Best Race of the Tournament: Quarter-finals (2002, with Yugoslavia)
Introductory course: Group 10, second place (11-0 against Liechtenstein, 0-2 against Bulgaria, 1-0 against Croatia).
Elite Tower: Group G, first place (3-2 against Turkey, 2-2 against Slovenia, 4-2 against Wales).
best scorer : Mateja Bobang (8)

Final stage group stage: Group C, second place (1-1 against Belgium, 2-1 against Turkey, 1-1 against Spain).
Quarter-finals: 1-2 tbsp. Denmark
scorers: Jovan Milosevic (4), Jan Carlo Simic, Jovan Shlievich (1)

In two minutes, Denmark 1-2 Serbia

In two minutes, Denmark 1-2 Serbia

How did they get there? Radovan Krivokapi team specializes in end-game drama in Israel. Jovan Milosevic scored from a penalty kick in the 88th minuteH Minutes in a draw with Belgium in the first round, and most importantly, in a 1-1 draw with Spain in the third round, which allowed his team to qualify for the quarter-finals for the first time as an independent country. He also scored the decisive goal in the 2-1 win over Turkey and in the quarter-final against Denmark – needless to say, the Vojvodina striker is one of the goals to watch.

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