4 artists dream about nature

At the Fondation Bullukian, in Lyon, the exhibition “Oniric Landscapes” curated by Fanny Robin invites you to discover different artistic worlds, like an invitation to travel through the emotions of four artists. A group exhibition on landscapes allows to refine a new manifestation of this idea, in which a dream is useful for all kinds of sensations.

Frederic Hoxha’s drawings (born 1964, Toulouse) show interiors, memories of corridors, and places bathed in eerie light. Working in pastels, oil on paper, and pencil, the artist composes spaces with ambiances of soft, vibrant colors that catch our eye, drawing our attention in front of a landscape.

Appearance and disappearance are revealed in the paintings of Vanessa Faneuil (b. 1971, Paris). The colors transport us to a dreamlike world, between architecture and landscape. The artist collects notes, drawings, collages, archives, materials and sounds to later combine and compose spaces between vision and concealment; Awareness of our environment takes a long time… “Reconciliation and then deconstruction allow me to recreate a world without a specific time frame, a world in progress,” explains the artist. In large polymorphs, the bodies seem to be hiding among plants and trees. On the ground, installation Dopo la Selva (After the Forest) Echoes of the soil renewal process. The artist, inspired by the Divine Comedy of Dante and its contemporary, decided to lay the canvas on the floor, encouraging us to discover what is hidden there.

At the same time painted the wall dream path By Christian L’Opetal (born 1953, Lyon) transports us to a world where flows flow. By approaching this temporary work of pastel and graphite, the artist’s gestures are discovered. His drawings refer to all kinds of images that appear at night. “I like to talk about inner cinema, when my imagination seeks beyond reality, telling myself stories that intertwine dream and reality, live and feel, and are shaped in painting.”, he defines.

Moreover, other drawings by Frédéric Hoxha make us think about the places we remember. Like clues, it cuts through the geometric shapes, revealing a graceful landscape. “I carve and carve the memory and use it until I run out of strings.”, the artist explains. On a piece of furniture he calls furniture Uniqueit contains W-graphics With black pencil on one side, and on the other hand, a large-scale work presents a tormented sky, differences in light, in front of which we can contemplate the pleasure of daydreaming.

in the Boissac region, Ala Veneziana By Christian Lopetal Captures our attention and our desire to perceive subtle landscapes…Finally, Charlotte Dinamore (born in 1988, Paris) presents a work that interacts with natural light. The spots create a colorful space that lets in light rays. “I spread the painting like a landscape that occupies the limits of its space.” Says the young artist. His drawings give us the illusion of existence that can arise from these dull colors.

Color, light, and matter take us into the landscape, like an invitation to explore the inner worlds of these artists. For a moment, our mind escapes and extracts itself from everyday life… to plunge into a dreamlike world that rethinks the representation of nature..

Exhibition “Dream-like Landscapes”
Until July 16, 2022 at Fondation Bullukian
26, Place Bellecour 69002 Lyon

Christian Lopetal b 32020, series great designsGraphite powder, gesso, acrylic, pencil, 65 x 50 cm Courtesy of the Polocian Foundation © Christian Lopetal

Charlotte Dinamore, ghost2021, Acrylic paint, 62 x 63 cm. Courtesy of the Pollockian Foundation © Charlotte Dinamore

Frederic Khoja Collioure 32021, series the passageOil on paper, 23 x 31 cm. Courtesy of the Polocian Foundation © Frédéric Khodja

Charlotte Dinamore, castings2022, Site specific installation © Bullukian Foundation

Vanessa Fanuel, eternal return2019, oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm, Courtesy of the Polocian Foundation © Rebecca Fanuele

View of the exhibition “Oniric Landscape”, 2022, Fondation Bullukian, Lyon © Fondation Bullukian

Vanessa Fanuel, Dopo la Selva (After the Forest) (Details), 2022 © Polokian Foundation

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