4 Bad Reasons to Start a Business

We often hear “You have to set up your own business, you have the skills”, “I have to set up my own fund to be my own boss”, “I can’t stand the hierarchy anymore and I have to create my own”… you have a clear attraction to becoming your own boss the work. That is why an increasing part of the population is considering the possibility of doing this, which, moreover, is relatively easy today. However, one should not be tempted to set up a company under any pretext. There are a lot of really bad reasons to get into entrepreneurship. If you invoke reasons that will justify your desire to become an entrepreneur, it may be best for you to reconsider your position.

because you want money

At the top of the list of bad reasons to get involved in entrepreneurship: money. If you tell yourself that launching your business is definitely the most effective and fastest way to make money, it is clearly wrong, and this is for three reasons:

  • First of all, becoming an entrepreneur never guarantees that you will generate significant income, and even less in the short term. On the contrary, it is very likely that you will need several years to earn a decent income.
  • On the other hand, by embarking on this perspective, you increase your chances of hitting the market with an inappropriate concept, product or service. Refining your idea and creating a strategy takes time. It is very likely that rushing to set up your business as quickly as possible to make money will make you miss some of the initial steps of setting up a business which are nonetheless essential.
  • Finally, even if your idea is good at first, your thirst for money will definitely make you make poor choices in developing the company. A good entrepreneur should be able to forgo immediate income by adopting a long-term vision. This can happen, for example, by keeping an app free to increase the number of users and then monetizing the second time around.

Entrepreneurs’ successes are often the fruit of their passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance. Having money as your primary motivator when starting is probably the most effective way to fail in your business and find yourself in serious debt after a few years…

Because you have a lot of money

This reason may seem surprising to you, but it gives you almost as little chance of success as the first. If you thought money was your ticket to success, you hit a wall. When you start your own business, you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and not just sign checks. Of course, if at the time of starting work you have large funds, you are in more favorable conditions, but this is not an absolute guarantee of success. Saying to yourself “I started, anyway with the money I have, the probability that I will fail is almost nothing” is a very bad calculation. There are a lot of things it takes to run a business that money can’t buy. Having money is a good thing to start but it’s never a good enough reason. Once launched, you won’t be able to buy the passion, creativity, ingenuity and flexibility needed for your company’s success anywhere.

Because you want to have time to yourself

Another very bad reason to become an entrepreneur: the desire to take time for yourself. Again, if that’s your primary motivation, you may be disappointed quickly. The prospect of not having to get up early, and eventually having a flexible and scattered schedule, is clearly a very encouraging prospect. Unfortunately, it’s not really compatible with entrepreneurship (with exceptions, of course). Entrepreneur in most cases has to get up early but more often than not go to bed late and work on weekends. He remains on constant alert and open to the possibilities of improving the company. There are certainly entrepreneurs out there who take it easy, and have done so since the company’s inception, but they are clearly an exception.

Because others do

No matter what environment you live in, the likelihood that you will know entrepreneurs from near or far is very high. You may think that this phenomenon does not exist, but it does, some people try to start their own business only because they know someone who did the same. It sounds silly but nonetheless many entrepreneurs (with ephemeral careers) are born this way. Even if the entrepreneurs you know shower you with tips, absolutely nothing says that you will be successful either. It is a long process that makes an entrepreneur able to run his business. He begins to think about the possibility of starting a company, thinks of an idea, refines it, trains himself, discovers … and after a while he launches himself. When you see someone succeed, it is not easy to imagine the steps before their success. Don’t listen to the phrase “you should start too” if entrepreneurship is not a deep and thoughtful desire. Having been proud for a week after being able to tell everyone “I’ve started my business, it’s good” won’t be a relief to you if you break that same business a few months later.

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