8 professional services to find near you

In Lyon, it is possible to find professionals near you who can provide you with high-quality services in different sectors of activity. Whether you live in La Martinière, La Croix-Rousse, Gorge de Loup or La Guillotière, you can therefore benefit from a wide range of professional services according to your needs and in a short time.

Proximity can even allow you to make significant savings in the budget allocated for the service. Here are 8 professional services that you can find near you in the Lyon region.

Planning and interior design work

If you need to free up space in your living room, create storage in your bathroom and/or optimize space in your existing kitchen, you need to find a professional with proven skills and experience. For these benefits, the best option is to research Interior Designer or a planning and/or interior design firm operating in Lyon.

Since there are more than twenty specialists in this category in the city and its surroundings, do your research carefully to ensure that you receive a quality service. For example, you can consult your relatives and friends about the seriousness of a professional. It is also possible to go to sites like Plus-que-pro.fr that list files Craftsmen and trusted companies With the most positive customer reviews.

Craftsmen who install a lighting ramp in the living room

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Air conditioning or heating system repair

When the air conditioning system makes unusual noises, runs erratically or emits unpleasant odors, it takes professionals to restore it. This is also the case if the heating system no longer works, is leaking or overheating.

All of these common failures Air conditioning and heating In addition to others, you can find professionals near you who can provide you with a quick repair service. There are already many professionals and companies specialized in repairing and maintaining heating or air conditioning systems located in Lyon.

Some also offer home interventions In the 1st, 2nd, and 9th arrondissement in less than two hours, even on weekends and public holidays. You can also call on these professionals to install new, more economical air conditioning or heating equipment, such as a gas condensing boiler or an inverter heat pump.

External or internal carpentry installation

If you have a window, front door, garage door or shutter installation business, find professionals near you who can provide impeccable service. They can even provide you with it Tips Regarding the choice of interior or exterior joinery, whether it is replacing the old or installing into a new structure.

You will find professionals and experts in this field, spread across 9 regions in the city of Lyon. There are other craftsmen who also have real technical knowledge in the metropolis of Lyon or in the province of the Rhone, but they will be available to support you.

Most of them are able to offer it to you Free quote In a short period of time for wood, PVC, aluminum or wood and aluminum joinery work. You can also find some who are also interested in selling or making carpentry if you would like to have custom designed joinery.

carpenter carpenter work

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Catering services

Do you need a professional who will take care of planning, organizing, preparing cooking and managing a reception likewedding or birthday ? You can find some near you in the neighborhood of La Fayette or Part-Dieu. Some of its specialists are also based in Dieburg or in the district of Peuar Pathai.

In each of the city’s nine boroughs, there is at least a caterer or catering organizer that you can call to cover a reception (buffet, cocktail, aperitif, brunch, etc.). Altogether, there are more than 80 professionals who specialize in Catering and catering In Lyon and surrounding areas. Apart from venue selection, menu perception, table decoration or furniture, some can help you choose music or animation/shows.

Building a separate house

Building a detached house is a large-scale project that requires the expertise of professionals. Of course, you need an architect to design the plans, but above all you need a file building to embody it. For structural, finishing and/or finishing works, you can find an experienced builder near you who will be able to provide you with a quality service.

More than 50 qualified construction workers work in the city of Lyon and its suburbs (Bron, Chasseau, Villeurbanne …). If you have acquired construction land in any part of the greater Lyon area, you can therefore benefit from the services of a construction or construction company located a few kilometers away.

In case you don’t have a new construction project on the horizon, these professionals can also offer you other projects construction services. Maybe :

  • garage building,
  • a hole or hole in the wall,
  • interface renovation,
  • garden shed building,
  • home extension,
  • Small construction work.

Be sure to consult Customer Reviews Get on different professionals and compare their prices before making your choice.

Auto body deformation repair

If your bodywork shows signs of deformation after an accident and/or the paint has been scratched, you can find professionals near you who can repair it. There are actually in the Lyon region several dozen builders or car repairers experienced and qualified to provide you with this service.

In the seventh arrondissement, for example, you can find about ten of them, in the district of Saint-Michel, the district of Stalingrad Lamothe or the district of Yves Varges. If you live more in the 3rd, 8th, or 9th arrondissement, it’s also possible to have a professional near you.

Some of these professionals even offer pull the car to their garage. This additional service is provided when the garage is located a few kilometers away and it is impossible to drive a car. Aside from sheet metal work to repair a deformed hood, damaged fender, or broken bumper, bodybuilders also generally take care of repainting.

A bodybuilder repaints a car

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Installing photovoltaic solar panels

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills or even stop relying on the public electricity network? Do you want to choose solar electric power? You can find in Lyon, near your home, competent and experienced professionals for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

They are no less than twenty solar panel installers Certified and certified by RGE QualiPV Training in and around Lyon that can help you with this green energy production project. Since the average sunshine in the Lyon region is about 183 days a year, you can take full advantage of this photovoltaic installation on your roof for self-consumption. It is also possible to sell your production in case of surplus.

For this service, installers will do their job first study of personal energy And make plans to show you the possible configurations on your roof. They can also assist you with administrative procedures. After installing and configuring the solar panels, these professionals are also responsible for regularly monitoring and maintaining components in order to optimize electricity generation.

Indoor or outdoor thermal insulation

For insulation work on roofs, attics, crawlspace or walls, it is possible to find experts in the field near you. Whether you are in Croix-Rousse, Part-Dieu, Gorge de Loup or in other areas of the city, professionals will be able to provide you with a high-quality service in a short time.

In all, more than 180 experts in thermal insulation of facades, attics and/or basements work in Lyon and in Greater Lyon. After the visit, they can give you detailed estimate and effective solutions for Reduce heat loss from your home. Heating bills can be reduced by approximately 50% after work.

In fact, about 30% of heat loss is through an uninsulated home’s roof, about 25% through walls, and about 10% through lower floors according to ADEME. These energy losses are partly responsible for higher heating bills. By seeking the services of an insulation expert, you can eliminate thermal bridges and maintain your heating system. Some professionals are able to do both Thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Aside from the services of a thermal insulation specialist, you can also take advantage of the services of a tiling specialist, pool design or the services of a chartered accountant near you if necessary. To avoid false promises, poor quality of service, or missed deadlines, always consult your relatives or sites that provide information about them. Customer Reviews And seriousness of professionals before your choice.

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