A big celebration of nature this weekend at Landscape Park

The Côté Nature event invites schoolchildren and residents to come (to rediscover) the rustic charm of the park, with two days of activities and walks.

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There are places where we sometimes no longer measure their value, because they are such an integral part of our everyday landscapes. The Landscape Park, a 50-hectare green area in the heart of Saint-Nazaire, is a rare example of the perfect integration of the city’s natural space, where athletes, pedestrians and schoolchildren meet daily. Lest we forget that this wonderful stadium is also home to an ecosystem that must be preserved, Saint-Nazaire is organizing its first Côté Nature meeting this weekend with free-for-all performances, activities and workshops on biodiversity. Friday 13 May will be reserved for school children, followed by a day open to the public on Saturday 14 May from 10am to 7pm.

A valuable asset that must be preserved

500 students between the ages of 3 and 12 will benefit from workshops, performances and outings with their teachers on Friday, May 13. There is no doubt that this rustic interlude will make them unbeatable over the fauna and flora of the garden, and they will be able to wow their parents the next day by leading them in turn to discover the mysteries of trees, plants, insects and water.. To do this, the city, in partnership with local associations, has set up a program Complete to enjoy in the countryside: sound naps in the grass, yoga and meditative walks will start in the morning for a complete connection with nature. Throughout the day, many of the pavilions will offer workshops to understand and care for wildlife, discover invasive species from which we must protect ourselves, learn about cuttings and seeding, learn about the profession of a beekeeper, or even meet a sheep keeper and all about eco-herding. This educational part will be accompanied by a fun animation of makeup, creating animals, and even tasting insects! Performances will take place throughout the day, in an environment enhanced by botanical installations: aerial dances in the trees, concerts, and readings.

Themed walks and plant swaps

People on the move can choose from many thematic hiking trails. The Estuairez-Vous Association will launch a treasure hunt to learn more about the residents of the park, Loire Océane Environnement will search all the mysteries hidden in a drop of water from a pond, Brière Regional Nature Park will survey meadows to meet their biodiversity, and ponies will make a very noticeable appearance for walks throughout the afternoon .

A landscape garden in the middle of a huge natural regeneration project

The Saint-Nazaire Côté Nature event also marks the beginning of an ambitious project to renormalize this green lung. The goal is to bring the residents into the heart of the park that will change in the coming years. The Marine and Coastal Ambition Authority outside the municipality launched the first diagnostic and consulting operations last March. The stakes are high, but one thing is really certain: no construction project in this place so dear to the Nazis will be choked off. However it will be a question of implementing reforestation. Having planted all the trees at the same time, they also have the same life span. It will also be a question of finding an identity specific to the park, rethinking the future coexistence of runners, cyclists, pedestrians, animals, hunters or even model-making enthusiasts … to think of a better connection between the two parts separated by the road by François Mitterrand, to use all its potential within an expression artistic, to develop activities around the body of water and, above all, to preserve and always enhance this “small” corner of nature in the city. A bit like the waterfront of its time, the landscaped garden is in our landscapes, it is no longer a matter of creating it but now of revealing it.

Saint-Nazaire Côté Nature • Saturday 14 May 2022 in the Landscape Park from 10 am to 7 pm • The full program and schedule of events at www.saintnazaire.fr.

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