A mother stole her 12-year-old son’s hard-earned money and accused him of lying

When the boy’s parents refused to buy the toys he wanted, he decided to buy them himself and did several odd jobs to save $100. But one day his mother stole his money and told him that he just imagined he had money.

Is it okay for parents to steal their kids, especially when it comes to their hard-earned money? On Reddit, the mother not only had the guts to steal her baby but also tainted the truth by saying he was lying about the money.

Redditor (who we’ll call Evan) grew up having many nightmares involving his parents, but one incident occurred when he was only 12 years old. He believed that sharing this story would comfort him and help clear his mind.

The little boy was shocked when his mother told him he was lying about money. | Source: Pexel

At that time, Ivan enjoyed building models of cars and plastic guns. When he found his favorite games on a website, he was intrigued and wanted to get them. He did the math and estimated that it would cost him about $100, including taxes and shipping.

Her mother stepped in and said, “What money? You always lie that you have money.”

The boy asked his parents to request toys, but they refused his request. However, Evan is determined to buy it one way or another. He takes the direct road to hard work and struggles for the next five to six months to do things that will make him money.

Evan loved making model cars but didn’t have the money to buy them. | Source: Pexel

He went from door to door and sold his designs and the little spears he carved out of sticks. He mowed the lawn and walked the dogs, and by the end of the summer his savings had reached the $100 he needed.

It was the happiest day of his life when a lively little Evan went to see his parents to tell them he had raised money for his toys. He asked them to order it online with their credit card and he would refund it in cash.

The boy’s parents agreed and took him to the computer. Fortunately, he gave $100 to his father and eagerly waited for them to place the order.

But as Evan watched curiously, his parents dropped the bomb, saying they couldn’t complete the order because the computer was down. Evan knows computers better than his parents and immediately realizes that they are lying to him.

He trusts his instincts and demands his money back, but after listening to him, his mother takes the money and rushes to his room, while Evan runs after her in disbelief.

The boy was walking the dogs, mowing the lawn and doing other odd jobs to save the money he needed to buy toys. | Source: Pexel

The mother locked herself in the bathroom before Evan could get in, so he knocked and screamed outside, begging her to return the $100. But her mother repeats to her: “I don’t need this money,” and assures her that she will deposit it in her university bank account.

Evan is surprised that his parents could have done this to him, and by the time he regained his senses, his father pulled him outside and locked him in his room. He was kept in his room for a whole day and was not allowed out until the next day.

After he came out, he saw his parents behaving normally. He knew something had happened, so he shouted at the top of his voice to ask them to return his money, but his mother stepped in and said, “What money? You always lie saying you have money.” silver “.

Evan was confused when she said this, and it pained him to think that anyone who witnessed all this would assume there was something wrong with him. However, the boy did not stop asking for his money.

His parents were greatly dismayed, and they told him that he was imagining things. They accused him of lying and claimed that he was the one who tried to rob them.

Evan’s mother took all his money and locked herself in the bathroom. | Source: Pexel

When Evan expressed his struggles on Reddit, people flocked to share their thoughts. “Oh Jesus, this is a horrible story. What a monster,” via Redditor Unthisoneside as a response.

However, some believe that Evan’s parents are worse than monsters. “Honestly,” said the user, “Monsters” is an understatement. unknown 42.

Meanwhile, redditor IntheDogBog They said their mother was looking through their bags to collect money to buy gifts and babysit. The person said, “Ah, I hate parents trying to control money. This is the worst,” adding:

“I still had my money, I wasn’t allowed to use it, otherwise she would have been given a maximum of $25.”

Someone on Reddit claimed to despise parents who control their children’s money. | Source: Pexel

As for the $100 that Evan’s parents took from him, they decided not to return it and kept him in a web of lies about it until he stopped asking again.

“I didn’t end up getting that money back, but I learned not to trust my dad with the money that day, and that’s a lesson worth over $100,” Evan said.

Evan never got the $100 back and decided not to trust his parents with the money anymore. | Source: Unsplash

Meditation questions:

Do you think you will trust your parents again after they stole your money and accused you of lying?

After Evan’s parents constantly kept him in a web of lies about his money and refused to return it, he gave up and decided not to trust them anymore. What would you do if your parents took your hard-earned money and accused you of lying?

Do you forgive your parents if they stole your money?

When Evan’s parents refused to return his money, he had negative thoughts about them. He said the accident was a $100-plus lesson they stole from him. Although it is unclear if Evan forgave his parents, would you forgive them if you did?

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