ACI Worldwide: B2B Solutions to Accelerate Payments

to meWith more than 4,500 employees spread all over the world, ACI Worldwide has become one of the market leaders. A team has also been set up in mainland France, providing professionals with solutions that facilitate their transactions. As customers and merchants seek more speed and instant access to their money, ACI Worldline decided to specialize in real-time payment solutions.

Solutions to speed up payments

The software developed by ACI Worldwide, intended for professionals, aims to help process transactions of various types for banks and merchants. So the company has created different programs, each of which caters to a specific need.

Among these solutions, we will maintain, for example, a solution for processing bank card payments. Instant or deferred card payments are processed by some banks and merchants using ACI Worldwide software installed in their payment system.

The company also offers solutions for instant transfers (transfer in less than ten seconds). Instant transfers represented 3% of all bank transfers made in France in 2021. However, the frequency of use is almost doubling each year, because customers want more speed in transactions. In addition, some banks decided to make it free. This decision was made based on European directives that encourage countries and their banks to popularize instant transfers.

We will also maintain the solution that enables the best transaction management at checkout or on our dedicated e-commerce site for merchants. So payments are processed in real time and at a speed that is guaranteed to the consumer and the merchant.

Finally, ACI Worldwide offers a solution to facilitate deferred payment: PayAfter. This (buy now, pay later) system, which allows you to buy with pay later or in installments, is a major trend in online and in-store purchases, and BNPL is already in Northern Europe. Of course, all these solutions guarantee an optimal level of security for all players involved in the transaction process, but with a faster payment.

2024: Electronic invoicing will reduce delays

Payments continue to evolve, and from 2024, electronic invoices will be mandatory for business-to-business transactions in France. This new directive makes it possible to solve a certain number of difficulties that companies and the state face today. With repayment terms of up to 68 days on average, businesses can face significant cash flow difficulties. So with electronic invoicing, every professional increases his chances of getting paid faster. Validation of the invoice, which the customer receives electronically, must be carried out by the latter, in order to initiate payment by the bank which is immediately informed of the transaction on his part. This verification message is called a Payment Request.

At the same time, the tax authorities are also notified of the transaction, and they, in turn, can take into account the amounts and taxes paid. This novelty offered by ACI Worldwide, Request to Pay, aims to be popularized throughout Europe. A real advantage for companies that will be able, without any difficulty, to more quickly validate their utility or product bills in any European country.

Staying at the forefront of real-time payment innovations

ACI Worldwide understands this: The world is changing very quickly, and so are needs and technologies. Therefore, the company is always on the lookout for customer needs to make real-time payment possible. The company is constantly reinventing itself, innovating as the market progresses.

Furthermore, ACI Worldwide will attend in June 2022, at the Money 20.20 event, to be held in Amsterdam, and in September 2022, at Retail Week in Paris: two opportunities to meet payment professionals and discuss the evolution of payments in real time. Despite being in existence for more than 45 years, ACI Worldwide has become an innovative specialist in real-time payments, both for banks and for merchants, and the majority of French people use solutions while paying.

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