After reading this text, you will be able to start a business in the United States, without being a citizen or permanent resident

You do not have to be a US citizen or permanent resident card holder to start and operate a business in any of the 50 US states. It is simply sufficient that the person concerned fulfills the conditions stipulated in the laws of the country in which he wants to practice his business. In the event that the interested party does not have a physical address in the United States, it may use an agent’s service address duly registered in a particular country to register its business. The United States is so open to foreigners starting a business that the requirements are the same as for those who live there.

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In the United States, before starting your business, you must register it in the state in which it will be located. It is a very long but uncomplicated procedure once you know the standards set by the respective countries. This means that business registration requirements vary from state to state. This procedure includes two main steps including defining the business structure and registration. The stages define the levels of financial responsibility, ownership, control, and authority of owners and partners. There are several forms of business in the United States, the most common of which are:

Sole Proprietorship A business with a single owner where the owner bears all the risks of the business. In a sole proprietorship, the assets and liabilities of the owners are part of the business. This means that the debts generated by the company are also the debts of the owner. On the contrary, all profits generated by the business belong to the owner.

Partnership A company with at least two owners. There are several types of partnerships, but the most common are Limited Partnerships (LPs) and Limited Liability Companies (LLPs). In an LLP, the partner is subject to personal liability while the other partners have limited liability. In an LLP, all partners are personally protected from any commercial debt.

Limited Liability Company (LLC). The establishment of a limited liability company allows an individual to protect his personal assets from the company’s liabilities. The LLC’s profits and losses are then taxed as personal income or loss. Note that even if someone is the sole member of an LLC and their business operates as a corporation, they are not considered a sole proprietor.

the society (Corporation). In this structure, the company acts as a legal entity separate from its owners, providing the best protection for all personal assets. The default corporation status is a C corporation, which is a separate taxable entity that files a corporate income tax return. An S corporation, on the other hand, has taxes “passed in” to the corporation and report on the owner’s personal tax return. A corporation can be formed from several companies (subsidiaries) such as Alphabet Inc. Which includes Google, YouTube, Waymo, X Development, Verily, DeepMind and many more.

Different types of businesses have different registration requirements, so it is essential to follow the right process for the structure best suited to the respective business objectives.

The second step is registration. Since the majority of Haitian corporations in the United States fall under the category of Limited Liability Company (LLC), we will focus this step on the LLC registration procedure.

First of all, you must have a company name and hold it with the state for at least 10 years on average. Many states require that the name contain the words LLC, LLC, LLC, Limited, Ltd, Company, or Co.. This process takes place in City Hall in person, but some states allow this to be done online. There is a fee associated with depositing a name. Again, these fees vary from state to state. A company can register one name with the state, but it can use another name for the public. This is the case of Sundar Pichai, Larry Page and Segey Brin who registered their company under the name Alphabet Inc, but conducted their operations under the name of Google and YouTube to name a few.

Next, choose an agent registered with the respective country. This agent may be an accounting person or company responsible for receiving important tax forms, legal documents, lawsuit notices, and official government correspondence on behalf of your business. When placing your order, do not forget to send the contract between your company and the agent.

Next, you must complete the LLC Formation Certificate. It is a state-specific form that you will start your business. When completing and submitting the form, be sure to specify whether the business will be managed by a member, managed by a manager, or a management company (managed by the principal). In a member-managed LLC, the members actively participate in the company’s operations. Each member has a say in day-to-day operations and public affairs, and votes are required for all major business decisions.

This LLC structure is sometimes referred to as “centrally managed” because it consolidates management authority in the hands of one or more directors.

In a manager-run LLC, members realize that assigning management authority to one or more specific managers is a more effective way of managing the day-to-day affairs of their business. LLCs managed by directors do not require members to vote on all business decisions, but rather give the director(s) decision-making power.

In many states, it is not required to have an LLC operating agreement but it is important to have one because it is a legal document that outlines ownership and operating procedures.

Finally, one must have an Employment Identification Number (EIN or EIN, Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN, Federal Tax Identification Number or FTIN. It is a nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue System (IRS) to identify Business entity and keep track of company tax returns It is essentially a Social Security Number (SSN) for the company An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required to open a bank account, complete tax forms and hire employees for the company.

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