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Burpees are one of the most stylish bodybuilding exercises in recent years. It is used too often (sometimes too much) and everywhere by trainers, it is interesting to know about its interests and effect on the body.

Our bodybuilding expert, David Costa, tells you all about the exercises: the muscles used, when and how to include them in your sessions… You will also notice that there are many variations of this exercise, depending on whether you want to gain muscle or strengthen your core your.

What parts of the body does a burpee work on?

With the development of CrossFit (and even those of facilities Street Workout), guys seem to have discovered a new fitness exercise: burpees. Today, neither an athlete nor a coach does not include them in his training … even if it was not always justified.

Muscles used during exercise

In order to fully understand how this exercise was able to perform push-ups and many other outdated movements, it is necessary to know more precisely for what it is used. So tell yourself that the Burpees is a functional exercise that moves many muscles in a coordinated manner as you perform it. Let us mention in particular:

In addition, due to its dynamic implementation, it requires significant packaging / installation effort, which makes it more difficult to produce.

When we do burpees, we perform Real “string” action By daily actions such as bending, descending, getting up and jumping. It is no coincidence that these drills are widely used in the military world but also in obstacle courses such as the Reebok Spartan Race.

The correct technique for doing burpees

Now that you know the muscles that work the burpees, let’s move on to the technical part. Because, as with any bodybuilding exercise, if you don’t do it right, it won’t be able to be fully effective.

So the movement can be divided into 5 steps:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart;
  • Slowly lower into a squatting position and place your hands on the floor;
  • Once in a squat position, kick the legs back into a plank position (such as during a sheathing session);
  • Do push-ups
  • Quickly return to a squat position by raising your feet, then return your body to the starting position by jumping up with the arm extended to the sky.

To fully understand how to perform the Burpees, find out the exercise in the video:

In short, why Burpees?

It is often considered Calorie killer‘, Burpees are very common in different exercises because they require it Huge body effort. Here are the benefits of performing this movement in your workouts:

  • improve your physical condition (1): doing exercises on long sets, burpees put a lot of pressure on the aerobic system;
  • Improving your anaerobic resistance as shown in the Sakamaki study (2);
  • Increased cardio and energy demand for sequencing: add it to a set of exercises to make it more cardio;
  • IMPROVE YOUR BODY WEIGHT COMFORT: Doing a burpee requires mobility, coordination, and body awareness;
  • outdo yourself and challenge yourself (eg: do 50 burpees as fast as you can);
  • make a group of athletes run easily;
  • Punish or punish an athlete who does not respect the rules!

To help you locate, The Burpees test allows you to measure your physical condition according to the maximum number of repetitions performed with no time limit and no breaks. This is a table that allows you to know your level:

Some variations on making Burpees

To diversify the fun, here are several ways to spice up your Burpees. Naturally, Not all of these variants are available to beginners :

  • ½ burpees: don’t push up or jump. Start standing, put your hands on the floor, then throw your legs back, bring them to the chest and straighten them.
  • Burpees with a weighted jacket.
  • Burpees with a jump over the iron.
  • Burpees with a jump over the chest;
  • burping with high knees when jumping;
  • Barbie with pull when jumping.
  • Pistol exercises: Instead of jumping with your legs, when in a folded position (knees toward chest), take a support on one foot (pistol squat) and brace with the strength of one leg;
  • Back/forward salto exercise: Instead of jumping up while standing, do a forward or backward salto.

As you will understand, Burpees is Great tool to burn calories and improve your fitness ! Include it in your workouts and feel free to tell us how you feel.

Jump at the end of a burpee

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(2): Sakamaki, T.; (1983). Study of a burpee test as a simple way to measure endurance. Nippon Ika Daigaku Zashi / Journal of Nippon Medical College, 50(2), 173-190…

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