All about VAE

TheGet a VAE It requires participation, motivation and above all personal action. What is validation of experience gained? Who are you talking to? What are the advantages? How do you get your VAE? here the answers For all these questions!

What is VAE and for whom?

Validation of the experience gained is a personal and individual process stipulated in the Labor Code. It enables anyone, whether engaged in working life or not, to enhance their professional skills and qualifications and To obtain a certificate or diploma. VAE is issued by the state and by specialized higher education institutions such as Excellence VAE. Certificates are also categorized In the National Directory of Professional Certifications. Validation of the experience gained has the same characteristics as other efficiency control modes.

This certification is for anyone with any technical or professional skill. Whatever the nationality, level of training and even age, it is possible to apply for a VAE without restriction. However, you must be able to provide certain evidence of your skills. Required items include:

  • Proof of paid or unpaid professional activity;
  • Volunteer practice or volunteer work;
  • exercise of union responsibilities or functions;
  • Participation in an electoral state or in a local electoral function.

On the other hand, The Basic training It is also considered for VAE. Can be used for certification.

What are the advantages of VAE?

The main benefit of validating the experience gained is to obtain a certificate or diploma taking into account the personal and professional skills of the individual. Highlights some Latent professional qualities. It is a solution that can serve as a stepping stone to furthering your career. Moreover, this verification helps to improve the profile to increase the level of his employability. This alternative allows people who do not have a diploma to obtain it Recognition official of their experience in order to promote them. With VAE, you can experience professional development or retraining.

For company employees, the Validation of experience gained It can be of paramount importance in looking forward to promotions. It is a promotional tool that highlights the skills developed internally. Apart from promotion, it encourages employees to come forward to aspire to higher positions in the fund.

In some cases, the VAE Secure career path It serves as a biographical reference. It also helps in building self-esteem and building confidence in one’s abilities.

How do you get your VAE?

Validation of the experience gained is obtained step by step. It is possible that you will be accompanied to follow the different stages and be well acquainted with its principles. To do this, you must find a good VAE counselor who will accompany you through the process.

Submit admission files

Registration is the first step in this process. It must consist of a number of Documents stipulated in the Labor Law. In addition to the application form, the file must include the following:

  • Documents supporting the activity carried out;
  • Previous training certificates.
  • Specific documents required by the certification body;
  • Old testimonials.

The file thus compiled must be sent to its certification bodyTwo months To judge the admissibility.

It must be accompanied by a certification body

Once the file is deemed admissible, the candidate must withdraw their file and wait for the verification deposit. can then Benefit from support To prepare its own VAE. Support includes systematic help describing prior experiences and training. It also includes assistance with orientation and assistance in finding funding.

Complete the verification brochure

deposit Verification brochure It is the next step in the VAE process. At this level, you must add an accurate description of your acquired abilities, skills and experience. It helps to be accompanied to provide an excellent description.

The verification handbook is used as a basis for the jury to judge the ability to obtain testimony. The time required to study this document varies Between 4 and 6 months. You can also be accompanied by a certification body or outside consultants to put together a good profile.

Make your assessment in front of the jury

evaluation isThe last stage of the VAE process. The candidate must pass a jury made up of professionals and qualified experts in the field. During the interview, the jury checks the candidate’s achievements based on the information in the validation brochure. In some cases, the candidate faces a practical scenario to convince the jury. There are three possible outcomes for jury decisions. First, the candidate can be awarded the required certificate. In addition, he may be awarded one or more certifications for certain skills or knowledge. We are talking about partial certification. Finally, the jury can finally deny the request for authentication. Decisions of the jury are notified by mail to the candidates.

How much does a VAE certificate cost?

The fee for obtaining a VAE is not a fixed cost. It differs from one certification body to another. However, there are some fees required by all donors. You must first pay the registration fee. They depend on the level of diploma required and differ between 150 euros and 800 euros According to the organizations. You must then pay an amount Support costs. It is intended for preparing and saving files.

These funds are also used to pay for external experts involved in preparing the file. Escort costs between 400 and 2000 euros. Jury fees are also the responsibility of the candidates. It varies between 0 and 300 euros depending on the certification body. In general, the cost of VAE fluctuates between 600 and 2000 euros. Finally, it takes between 10 and 12 months to obtain it.

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