Amazon filed a discrimination lawsuit by the state of New York

New York State is suing Amazon for discriminating against employees with disabilities and pregnant women, forcing them to take unpaid sick leave when accommodations can avoid such situations.

New York Governor Kathy Hochhol announced on May 18, 2022 that it will continue Amazon To discriminate against employees with disabilities and other pregnant women.

Unpaid sick leave

The legal action was launched by the state agency in charge of respecting civil rights (the Human Rights Division), which accuses the online sales giant of not proposing appropriate measures for these employees. She says team leaders often ignore his recommendations Adaptation Consultants ” fromAmazon, aimed at facilitating accommodation in the workplace. The agency also believes that these employees are forced to take unpaid sick leave although adjustments can avoid such situations.


The complaint cites the example of a pregnant worker who was forced by her supervisor to lift parcels weighing more than 11 kilograms and injure herself on the job, causing her to stop working.” indefinitely without paying. In another case, an employee who had to follow a certain sleep pattern, benefiting from medical advice on the matter, was not allowed to swap working hours with one of his colleagues.
Amazon, in a message sent toFrance Press agencyshe said to herself Surprise By declaring Cathy Hochhol in terms of her cooperation with the person in charge of the investigation, and that she had not been informed of a complaint. The company says it has several programs in place to ensure that every employee feels ” supported “.” With a workforce of 1.6 million people, we don’t always make it happen, but we work hard to provide the best solutions available for each individual situation. A company spokeswoman said.

The need to reform practices

My department will hold any business owner, regardless of size, to account if they fail to treat their employees with the dignity and respect they deserve. Cathy Hochhol said in a statement. Agency requires itAmazon Overhauling its practices, training its employees to respect New York law and paying compensation to the state, the group founded by Jeff Bezos employs more than 39,000 people and operates at 23 locations. Working conditions in warehousesAmazonwhere a third of the group’s employees work, have already been the subject of complaints and criticism in the past in the United States and the rest of the world.

34,000 inches severe injuries »

According to a report from strategic organizationSOC published in April 2022, workers in Amazon logistics centers suffered more than 34,000 “serious injuries” on the job in 2021, a rate twice as high as US warehouses that do not belong to the Seattle (Washington) group. This is almost half of the work accidents recorded in the state on this type of site. Also in New York State, the online sales giant has to deal with the emergence of a union movement, with the creation of the first intra-company labor union in the United States at the beginning of April in a warehouse in the New York area of ​​Staten Island.

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