An entrepreneur who wants her employees to work 80 hours a week

A new controversy is taking place in the world of French entrepreneurship. In fact, Claire Despani, entrepreneur and founder of D+ For Care, said in an interview that it has been difficult to find interns. the reason ? She considers it necessary to work more than 35 hours a week.

The controversy just swelled on Twitter. Because ? An interview with D+ For Care, Claire DEspagne, was posted via a YouTube video that has since been deleted. Unfortunately, as you will see, the Internet never forgets and many netizens have recorded excerpts from the interview, starting with a Twitter user Tweet embed.

This video that was removed from YouTube is actually an excerpt from an interview conducted as part of the podcast Entrepreneurship freedom. The controversial intervention revolves around the twenty-fifth minute of this episode.

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Claire Desspany controversy

In this video excerpt, we hear Claire Despany exasperated at her inability to find interns explaining that she does not want to get a work study student, stating that ” Stupid She continues, explaining that the salaries demanded by graduates of business schools are very high. She points out that this phenomenon also affects those who have left the business school where she studied: EDHEC.

Then it comes back to the difficulty of hiring trainees. Because ? Schools that would say to Claire Despani: “ If I find out that an intern works more than 35 hours per week, I will put him off the internship. She explains that this type of letter, in her opinion, is detrimental to future trainees, for whom it will be difficult to find work. Explain: In the world I live in, if I don’t work 80 hours a week, there’s very little chance I’ll ever have my apartment, a second home, and maybe another one after it. »

Note also that having a second home is neither the desire of the majority of graduates of major schools nor the ordinary entrepreneurs for whom enrichment is generally less important than the fact of participating in the construction of a different society. According to the latest integration survey conducted by the Conférence des Grandes ÉcolesSalary comes only in fifth place of interests for graduates of business schools.

However, she is qualified to point out that the labor market and the world in which we live is becoming more demanding than before, arguing that in the eighties and nineties it was much easier, and it was enough to get out of ” Average Business School “not” Not so stupid » In order to have your own startup, SME and be an owner.

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Working Conditions in Startups: A Debate That Moves the Web Regularly

Through this interview, Claire DEspagne sheds light on the problems that exist in many startups. It scratches the image of entrepreneurs, giving the impression that they are thinking more about money, their second homes, and access to property than the purpose of their company.

However, Claire DEspagne highlights an issue that was spotted by the Balance Ta Startup Instagram account. This gathering unveils the testimonies of employees of start-up companies condemning the management of their company. On the other hand, this Instagram account highlights a problem that is different from that faced by the founder of D + For Care: Most of the time, employees decry their startup In the main stage of more. This is the moment when young shoots take a new step and recruit a lot, sometimes giving less importance to integration or management.

It is important to stress that what is described in Balance Ta Startup or Claire DEspagne’s account does not reflect the reality of the vast majority of startups in which the work climate and quality of life are extremely important. This is also the reason why many Grandes Ecoles graduates want to start in this universe.

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When controversy affects your startup’s image

Inevitably, the Claire Despany controversy had a huge impact on the image of her startup. As of this writing, Google’s D+ For Care rating has dropped to 1.1/5. The startup’s community managers seem to have done a great job removing negative comments and angry comments posted within D+ For Care’s Instagram posts.

In addition, it is no longer possible to comment on posts on the brand’s Instagram account as well as on most posts on Facebook. However, it appears that users are attacking with “angry” emojis offered by the social network to allow them to respond to various articles, photos and videos.

However, it’s impossible for start-up collaborators Claire DEspagne to put out the fire that broke out on Twitter. Since yesterday, many netizens protested and even mocked this interview that the YouTube channel deleted from the original of this video.

In total, there are more than 2,200 tweets that broke Claire Despany for her statements that did not meet the expectations of young students, but also of the labor inspectorate. Today, it’s a safe bet, just as other young shoots installed by Balance Ta Startup, D + For Care and their sales will be heavily affected by this interview. It should be noted, however, that the company’s results are not as exceptional as what was announced at the beginning of the video. Net results are approx – €92,000 in 2020, compared to around €166,000 in 2021.

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