An old lady who saved money for 40 years found her bank account empty

Dorothy was a very capable woman, and her savings were great when she turned eighty. She achieved her goal and wanted to surprise her son. However, one day when she went to the bank to make a final deposit, she found out that her money was missing. Bank employees then made a shocking disclosure to him.

Mrs. Dorothy Segal went to the bank that day to deposit the last check into her important account. For the past 40 years, she had saved everything she could, getting a relatively well-paying job. She sometimes lives so modestly that her son, Andrew, gets upset because he didn’t get everything he wanted. But Dorothy will buy him everything he needs and keep everything else despite his many demands as a child.

Her contributions declined when she retired at 65, but she has remained consistent because she has a goal in mind. Funerals could be expensive, and the future was so uncertain. You had better keep everything you could when you could.

Dorothy had no idea what he was saying. “But how did the money come out?”

At the age of 80, she has finally reached her ultimate goal. It was such a large amount of money that I decided to give it to Andrew right away. She had enough to pay for his funeral when the time came, which should be a fraction of that savings, and he could do whatever he wanted with the rest. She hoped he would now understand why it was so economical.

At the bank, she showed her ID to the teller before inquiring about her balance. She wanted to know how much was in her account, before depositing the check to be sure. But the cashier had something shocking to say to him.

The bank employee said something shocking to him. | Source: Pexel

“Mrs. Seagal, it seems that there is nothing on your account. I don’t see anything here,” revealed the good lady who took care of her.

“What? It’s impossible. Are you sure you’re looking for the right account? Can you check again?” Dorothy asked, her hands trembling with tension.

“I’m sorry,” said the lady. “This is the correct account. There is nothing here. I am amazed that this account has not been closed completely.”

Dorothy quickly started shaking her head. How is this reasonable? All his hard work is gone. The cashier called for help and the security guard took a chair for you to sit on.

She assured Dorothy, who nodded her thanks, “Ma’am, please calm down. I’ll get the principal, and we’ll work it out.”

She was taken to the bank manager’s office. | Source: Pexel

She slowly calmed down while waiting, and the manager invited her to his office. He had something important to say to her.

The bank manager began writing on his computer: “Ms. Seagal. It looks like there’s an error in your account. But don’t worry, we’ll fix it soon.”

Dorothy had no idea what he was saying. “But how did the money come out?” She was always very careful with her money. It just didn’t make sense, and she couldn’t believe what was happening to her at that moment. Should you spend money instead of saving it? Did you choose another bank? Was karma for something you did in the past?

Next to her manager, the teller spoke, “Maybe it’s a system error, Mrs. Seagal. But your money is there, I assure you.”

The bank manager continued to write and suddenly shouted. “Aha! I found it. Mrs. Seagal, money has been mistakenly deposited into someone else’s account for years. Someone else is named Dorothy Seagal. But you have your checkbooks from years ago, which prove that this money belongs to you. We will soon arrange everything.”

Account closed as soon as possible. | Source: Pexel

Dorothy was relieved that the error had been found. She was now waiting for them to fix things. The faces of the bank employees reassured her that everything would be fine and that her money would be where it should be very soon. But she did not want to relive such an experience. At her age, she might not be able to handle another major fear like this, so she made a decision.

In the end they told her to expect a refund in a few days. Then the elderly woman decided to call Andrew, who took her because she wasn’t sure she could walk home after panicking. She must have told him everything, and he found it incredible.

After a few days, she returned her money, immediately closed her account, and gave everything to her son, who was very grateful. He finally understood why she had never given in to her childish whims.

What can we learn from this story?

  • It is better not to panic in uncertain situations. Institutions have a way to protect your money and get it back if something happens. Wait for an explanation and everything will be fine.
  • Saving for the future is always a great thing. Dorothy had a goal in mind and wanted to save as much as possible for the future. She reached him and surprised her son.

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