Another trick to save up to 700 euros per year

Save his wool socks. Inflation obliges, the French and the French have lost purchasing power for months. They had to face Rising regulated electricity and gas prices – from which they were not immediately protected, let us remember – but also for fuel price, which already greatly affects the budget of any road user. Without forgetting of course Those observed in all or part of the country’s supermarkets. And inflation doesn’t stop there! It mechanically corrupts the legacy of savers. Its rate is very high – about 4 to 5% depending on the month, in 2022 -, It is able to nullify all gains of some investment products… which is therefore no longer profitable.

Therefore, to achieve Put some money aside It has become a priority for many families in France. There are also many tips for learning how to better manage your budget and thus make new savings. Some swear by Japanese Kakebo, a method that has already proven itself. Others prefer the basic 50/30/20 trick, from which planet The picture is already painted. But there are also other ways to do this, the specialized site confirms how to save. So the simple method is to answer “Penny Challenge”. More than just a real challenge to overcome, it is above all a matter of getting used to a habit… of potential winning Up to 700 euros per year, for one person. explanations.

In fact, this “pennies challenge” is affordable for everyone. All you have to do is select a usable piggy bank (and big enough to hold a large number of coins!) where you can To pay some tithes…to the same future.

On the first day of the year, So you have to put a penny in a piggy bankThen two on the second day and three on the third. Continue on a daily basis, without deviating from the norm, and usually, you should reach €3.65 deposited on the last day of the year. For a total amount of about 700 euros!

The Pennies Challenge: Less effort leads to bigger gains

The main advantage of this method goes beyond just the gain that is recovered after one year. It is really about Habit caused by, as long as it is repeated daily. In terms of savings, as already written planetAnd The main thing is regularity. is the one that allows calm the tension Which, if done well in advance, allows you to set aside a lot without having to save up huge amounts each time.

however, Less smooth effort makes it possible to earn more – or at least, a lot – in less time. Thus, the specialized site continues on its platform, sometimes it is enough to adjust the above values ​​to put more aside. It is also possible to save more but less regularly.

Thus, those who prefer to personalize more occasionally can also opt for a weekly “donation”. It is then necessary to put 28 cents in the first week, then 77 cents in the second week, then 1.26 euros in the third week and so on. The end result will be the same.

Is it better to invest money rather than keep it in a piggy bank?

Many French people are saving at home, according to reports Money Fox on his site. This is especially true among “vulnerable and elderly populations” who “prefer cash because it is more realistic, and that we are better aware of what’s left at the end of the day,” explains Claude Piot, Deputy Director General of Services for Economy and Network to our colleagues. Some, continue to headline the press, already fear a Bankruptcy of the banking system.

In practice, it is better not to have a lot of cash at home … as its value is gradually being eroded by inflation. With each crisis, the amount of current accounts increases. Visible Low returns on fixed income productsEconomist Philip Crivel explained that families prefer to keep a large part of their money there.

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