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Anytime Corporation, a subsidiary of Orange Bank, specializes in providing services to professionals. It offers a presentation that aims to simplify the lives of small businesses by assisting them with accounting, financial and organizational management.

Facilitating the management of the company’s finances is Anytime’s commitment to its clients. Founded in 2012, Anytime first tackled an unusual but successful market: pocket money. Founders Damien and Terry, at the time, created the first children’s payment card. The latter is connected in real time to the parents’ phone. As soon as a teenager becomes aware of an account, they are notified of it. Because they are responsible for the account. What is the benefit of this system? The card is separate from the parents’ accounts. So there is no danger that there will be an overrun. Very quickly, the two entrepreneurs realized that this system attracts another target: professionals. In 2015, the company refocused on assets. With a single registration, the customer can access a personal and professional account. He will be able to isolate his professional and personal operations, with a 360-degree view of the client’s space.

Anytime offer: a real package of services

When I wanted to change banks three years ago, I made a comparison. My choice occurred at any time. When I called them, I got an incredibly friendly person. The goal was to work with a partner who offers good value for money as I was coming from a bank where the account management costs were staggering. I also wanted a range of services that could be a good fit for a very small business. Three years later, I have no reason to be dissatisfied, quite the contrary!Jean Charles O, Director of ProCashSolutions explains.

Do you work as a freelancer, freelancer or company manager? Anytime has built a universal solution to manage your business. With the Freelance and Small Business offer, you can access several services:

  • Take advantage of a professional and personal account on the same interface. “Since everything is tied up, if you need a loan or an overdraft, it is much easier to send in your supporting documents or documents.‘ explains Marie-Laure H., a freelance nurse, a client at Anytime.
  • Get physical and virtual Mastercard payment cards for you and your employees in a secure and configurable way. Transactions are immediately visible from the customer area. You can also create virtual single-use cards.
  • Receive notifications in real time: direct debits, transfers, transactions … A means of being able to respond in case of suspicious transactions.
  • Conducting international transactions freely and freely.
  • Improve your cash management by creating sub-accounts to forecast your expenses. Thus, you save money for your expenses (salaries, VAT, Urssaf…) and your projects (events, equipment purchases…). “You can transfer from your main account to your sub accounts to plan your movements related to VAT for exampleEntrepreneur Jean Charles O.
  • cash checks.
  • Benefit from highly beneficial international transactions.
  • Quickly edit invoices and quotes. With just a few clicks, across your client area, Anytime allows you to stick your logo on your documents 100% in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Simplify your accounting. With Anytime, VAT is calculated automatically. “In terms of accounting, it’s very simple! Leaves me a lot more time than before. If I purchase equipment, I will just have to take a picture of the invoice, send it and my accounting is done. ‘ explains Mary Laurie H.

Packages tailored to your needs

I am completely satisfied with the customer journey. It’s easy, it’s fun, the operations are almost real-time and the security measures are robustJean Charles O.

starter pack

This account is ideal for “beginners” and is intended for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses. For 9.5 euros per month, excluding taxes, you will have access to a professional account and another personal account, two MasterCard cards are available as well as 50 virtual cards for professionals. With this package, you can make up to 20 transfers and direct debits. You can also benefit from following all your operations in real time. You also have the option to order a standalone payment terminal, keep track of your expense reports, and receive alerts via SMS and email. A problem with a transfer, check or card? Enjoy chat-based customer service.

easy package

This account is for professionals, freelancers, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and associations who want to take advantage of more services, such as phone assistance by a consultant or 200 virtual business cards. This package allows you to make 100 free transfers or direct debits and up to 4 free check deposits per month. All for only €19.5 a month.

Boost package

For 45 euros per month, SMEs, start-ups and associations can access the Boost offer, which allows them to take advantage of 5 Mastercards and 300 virtual business cards. With this package, professionals benefit from all the benefits of the Start and Easy accounts, plus 200 outgoing transfers, 6 free check deposits per month, and direct access to a telephone consultant.

business package

The Business plan, intended for businesses, startups, and associations of more than 10 people, offers the same benefits as the Boost offer, but with 10 payment cards and 500 virtual cards. Benefit from 500 free transfers and direct debit per month, 8 check deposits and above all a complete billing tool. The latter allows you to easily manage quotes, invoices, and purchase orders. Automatic payment reminders are also sent to your customers. Finally, an admin dashboard is presented to display your activity indicators like your balance, turnover, pending bills, etc.

All you have to do is decide which package to choose according to your needs and the needs of your company!

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