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Global POS, the French leader in software solutions dedicated to the physicalization of prepaid vouchers and gift card software, has announced the launch of Vitreen, a new digital gift card solution that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

This new format of e-gift card, available Across The QR code found at all touch points in the customer journey aims to revolutionize the world of gift cards.

Selon une étude IPSOS menée en 2021, le marché mondial de la carte cadeau ne cesse de se développer, avec une croissance de 5% en 2021 et des prévisions de croissance de 14% d’ici 2024, grâce à l’essor de la e Gift card. The third most popular Christmas gift after toys and books, a gift card is also a guarantee of a satisfying gift.

Based on this note and with the desire to support players in selling by pieces To deliver and generate more engaging digital experiences for consumers BusinessGlobal POS designed and developed Vitreen, the first 100% digital gift card solution available. Across QR code.

Accelerate your sales by improving traffic Online And the Offline online

A true boon for retailers, the launch of this new gift card solution, accessible throughout the customer journey, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, increases the number of touch points that the end consumer has with the brand. Thus, off-siteE-Commerce From the sign and shops, the end consumer can access the QR code found in the stores (at the checkout or on the shelves) or simply by passing in front of the shop window to the sign, and request their gift card. The QR code can also be placed on all communication media of the brand: advertising screens, social networks, newsletters, etc. Thus, the multiplication of all points of contact between the brand and the consumer, by going out to meet her, contributes to the acquisition of new customers and the development of sales.

“to meWith the launch of the Vitreen e-Gift Card, which can be accessed anywhere at any time, Global POS, a leader in new retail trends, is once again demonstrating its desire to position itself alongside and support brands in improving the customer journey both in-store and online. in France and abroad”, Says Stephane Djian, CEO and Founder of Global POS

Request an e-gift card in 3 clicks

From now on, to request a gift card, the consumer flashes a QR code and enters directly into the Vitreen interface. Then he just needs to enter the gift voucher amount, recipient’s name and message and proceed with the payment. Across his bank card. The new developments of the solution will allow the consumer to pay directly using the Wallet app for Apple Pay and Google Pay, and via the cryptocurrency payment app.

Thus, the lucky recipient receives their gift card in real time and is informed directly by SMS or email. He can then use his gift card by downloading it as a PDF or by adding it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Easy to use e-gift card

Obtaining this e-gift card has many advantages both for the person who receives it and for the person who gives it. For example, the recipient of a gift card can use it and place an order on the various sales channels of the brand, both online and offline. An improved customer experience that is also enriched by saving time thanks to the ease of paying directly Across his cell phone. Say goodbye to paper gift vouchers that require you to go to a store that are often forgotten at the bottom of the stairs.

Manage your campaigns with back office Unique

Powered by Easy2Play, Vitreen is a unique multi-channel solution for managing prepaid vouchers and alternative payments, allowing strategic and customer success Brands have access to a simple and intuitive console to help them manage their communication campaigns within the same web interface and measure the performance of each communication channel thanks to back office Unique.

Real Business Accelerators for Retailers Global POS omnichannel solutions can drive retail sales with a performance rate of up to 30% of their sales volume.Supports Stephen Djian.

With over 100 million coupons collected annually and over €1 billion passing through its platforms each year, Global POS is the leader in prepaid and is on the way to launching this new e-gift card solution. Position itself as the preferred partner for brands.

About global point of sale :

Global POS is the French leader in software solutions, simple and intuitive, entirely dedicated to the physicalization of prepaid addresses and gift card programs, accepting new payment methods, and managing and triggering points of sale. In 2015, Global POS created Easy2Play, a unique multi-channel solution for managing prepaid coupons and alternative payments with the desire to accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions geared towards new retail trends and improving the customer journey. In store & Online In France and abroad.

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