At La Boutique sans argent everything is free, smile

Here, everything is free, fun too! The non-profit 1901 Law Society, born in 2013, La Boutique sans argent is open to anyone who wants, without condition. You can leave a maximum of five items, per day and per person, without paying a penny, as the name suggests. Our role is to count the people who pass and the things that have been taken, which allows us to evaluate”And Says Samia, who has participated in the adventure on a volunteer basis for three years. Here we find mainly men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories such as handbags or small jewellery, some toys and books.

“We also welcome people who come to donate and we try to get people in a good mood.” Samia today with Suhaila, another volunteer who has been coming for a month: My husband told me about this store, and since I’m pregnant and have the time, I decided to share. There is a great atmosphere.In the back room, another volunteer, Nasir, counts, sorts and stores donations.

sublime resume: I have known the emergency shelters and there, I am waiting for an answer for accommodation at 12And. But when I come here, I forget everything, find warmth and comfort and rediscover the taste of laughter. I also like the profession of the place: it’s supportive and green.

La Boutique sans argent pursues a triple environmental, social and civic goal. In addition to helping with modest budgets and promoting solidarity, it encourages the reuse of underused items and increases public awareness of more responsible consumption patterns. Thus it allows everyone to be players in a circular and cooperative economy.

The association was born out of the will of three friends who were each in turn president of the association: Deborah Fischkandel, Ninon Overhoff and Julie Hepting.

The part-time employee, responsible for animation and citizen participation, is in charge of the venue. Eva Guédès who is in the civil service identifies: There are no specific conditions or procedures that must be met to benefit from the donations. Anyone, regardless of their status and resources, can get the items they want. We do not deal specifically with people living in poverty. You can also come and have coffee or tea (free of charge, because you have to buy food) at the little counter in the shop. Free workshops are also organized – Spanish lessons, sewing, etc. – According to the goodwill of the area who come to display their skills. “By banning financial dealings, we wish to state that money is only a tool and not an end in itself, and that wealth lies in sharing and not in accumulation.

Participation, at the core of the association’s work, includes partnerships with structures, whether charitable or not. Every Wednesday evening, the building is loaned to AMAP. A link has also been established with Utopia 56, an association that helps immigrants, with the venue allocating donations of fake or warm clothes. Finally, since the attendance here is very female (76% women in 2018), a collection box of sanitary products has been provided, in connection with the elementary association rules.

But how do we bring life back to a place that doesn’t make a profit? The store’s economic model is based on a combination of public funding from Paris Habitat, Est Ensemble, the City of Paris, the Federation of Solidarity Actors, the Feuilhade Foundation, contributions from individuals, the cafeteria at free prices and development services for companies: recycling workshops, zero waste, interventions in the circular economy.

Above all, the place thrives on the commitment of volunteers, not to mention the frequent hiring of the Civil Services, who put their hearts into their work. And Eva rejoices: “It’s UAn experience that I would recommend, because it is full of meaning and exciting! “


The goal is direct reuse of objects in a short circuit. So things must be usable without repair. There are no bulky things like furniture or large household appliances.
One donation bag per person per visit.
You can only take 5 items per person per day.

cashless store2, rue Edouard-Robert (12 .)And)
Opening: Wednesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm

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