At Roland-Garros, students from PSB Business School have helped

Report – Throughout the tennis tournament, 140 students from the School of Management work as salespeople, logisticians or even managers.

“Hey welcome! For the chests, you’ll be on the bottom left. At the Roland-Garros department store, young men in orange polo shirts with the famous white logo of the tennis tournament flocked to welcome visitors. Hats, bags, T-shirts, bath towels… The team ensures customers have their questions answered and the sale is tested. Among them are students from the Paris School of Business (PSB). Over the past ten years, the Foundation and Roland-Garros have worked together. Approximately 200 first- and second-year undergraduate and Grande École (PGE) students have the opportunity to apply to the tournament to work as sales staff, logistics professionals, logistics managers, point of sale managers or activity managers. They are then employed for two weeks under temporary status. However, the school validates this experience as a one-month internship.

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Sophie, 20 and in her third year at PGE, supervises her 50 female colleagues and other vendors at the supermarket. Last year, she was their place. Strict and earnest, she drew the attention of her superiors who did not hesitate to recommend the position of director of this edition. It is the greatest position of responsibility. I got back from work in Montreal two weeks before starting. I was supposed to go on a trip to New York before I went back to France, but at last I preferred to go back to Roland-Garros”, captivates the young woman who was wearing an elegant beige dress. She, who is more interested in boxing and fitness than tennis, loves to try it out. “It’s great, especially from a human point of view. I guide my team, I check stocks and there are no errors in the cash register »she explained.

Adoption of the “Roland Garros position”

On Sophie’s team, Emma, ​​20 and in her second year of PGE, runs a cash register on a sunny Wednesday. It’s only been ten days since she started working, but she is very comfortable with the clients, both in French and in English, her two mother tongues. Perfect for interacting with foreign visitors. “I prefer to be when I walk out of the store. You have to be patient on the shelves and fold the polo shirts and T-shirts every minute., she laughs. When representatives of Roland-Garros came to PSB to offer the collaboration, Emma didn’t hesitate for a moment. “It’s a big sporting tournament, it’s a great opportunity to get such a professional experience. It’s intense coach. It also allowed me to meet new friends and other people at Roland-Garros.”captivates the young student.

Emma, ​​a sophomore, runs the cash desk at the Roland-Garros department store.

To join the team, Emma had to place her order on a dedicated platform, and fill in her availability dates and measurements for the uniform. After that, she gave a group interview with seven of her companions, during which she had to participate in a sales sketch. During the exchange, the recruiters felt that the female student would have her place in the sales area. Then I had online training in April, then during a day on site, a week before the tournament. In particular, I learned to adopt the attitude of Roland Garros.” Elegance, punctuality, courtesy and assistance.

Students are not allowed to enter the territory.

A few steps away, 19-year-old Rafael, in his first year of PGE, had just donned his ruffled sky blue shirt. “RG”. It’s 2:30pm, and it’s already ready to go to service at 3pm. “You have to be very punctual.”, he is participating. The young man works as a logistician. Her role: Preparing, managing and delivering orders for 18 stores in Roland-Garros. tough job. “I love the adrenaline it delivers. You have to be organized, logical and efficient. It requires some precision”Commenting, the stars in his eyes face the court of Philippe Chatrier. This is the first time that Rafael has set foot in a tennis tournament.

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Jean Baptiste, Raphael and Sacha act as logistic experts.

But the students are there above all for work. “They are forbidden to go into the field. Unless, of course, they buy a place outside of their business hours., warns Allen Opala, retail coordinator at Roland-Garros. For the latter, working with business school students is an added advantage. “They have training in this sector. Then we train them in certain skills, which allows them to develop”as you say.

If Rafael plays tennis every Saturday, then a passion for clay and being a backhand champion is not a primary criterion for selection and participation in the experience. Emma has been keen on horse riding for several years now. Mathieu and Jean Baptiste, students in Raphael’s promotion, do not particularly follow tennis. If the tournament ends on Sunday, many youngsters already want to reapply next year. “After two copies, I feel like I’ve really developed, learned and gained new skills”Sophie concludes.

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