Behind the scenes at EDC Paris Business School

Last September, EDC Paris Business School opened its new campus. Located in the heart of the business district of La Défense, the completely new building is spread over eight floors and on its roof offers a view of the business district. On Wednesday, April 20, around fifty final year students were able to develop on campus and introduce themselves at their School of the Future.

“Ah yeah, it’s really big!” Barely making it to campus, Jonathan, 17, of Eason who had come with his mother, eyes widened. Opposite him in the heart of La Défense, the new campus of EDC Paris Business School, its classrooms, rest and co-working areas. For the high school student, little stressed by his choices for the future, being on campus was essential; “I make EDC my wish at Parcoursup, but I wanted to see the campus with my own eyes and meet students and teachers directly on campus.”

Among the interlocutors interviewed by the young high school student on campus was Anne Lefevre, Director of Admissions and Competitions, who gave the latest advice to young people in the Sésame competition, a necessary step for the school’s integration after the baccalaureate, and who detailed above all the strategic location of the school. She explained, “EDC Paris Business School is one of the outstanding business schools thanks to its membership in the Grandes Ecoles Conference.” But we maintain the values ​​of proximity, requirements and benevolence. We are a human-sized school that fosters closeness with both students and businesses.”

Perfect workspace

But what distinguishes above all the young people who are present in large numbers on the school campus, are the campus facilities. Starting with very modern equipment; Screens in every classroom, designer furniture, and small bubbles for isolation and teamwork; Everything is designed to enhance the learning experience.

As Bowdoin, a sophomore at the school attests: “We are very proud of this campus that we opened this year, trusting the student with a big smile on his face. We have a beautiful terrace in the sun for lunch in the afternoon, and rooms equipped that allow us to work more easily and learn more effectively. better. “

It must be said that in the development work of this campus, students were placed at the center of the issues, and were regularly questioned to give their feelings on the campus of their dreams.

An associative life stands on its own two feet

Young people who visited the campus were also able to discover the richness of the busy community life. Animations, snacks and other games punctuated the evening of this discovery. “For me, the origins of the school are its community life and cultural openness, as one student explains. Students from all classes know each other, there are no age differences, we get along well with everyone and this is really essential in a school like EDC.”

At EDC, students learn about their future careers in the field. In vocational training for some of course, but above all in associations. Student office, arts office, sports office, small projects, charities … Each student can find and participate in an association that suits their tastes.

The Academic Director of the Student Development Center reassured parents: “It’s not just fun, it’s the association, it’s ‘learning by doing.’ In fact, these are small businesses that students have to run almost entirely.”

Alumni present at the open day confirm this. What do they remember most during their student years at EDC? Everyone answers without hesitation: their investment in associations. Kleiman, now business manager, tells us: “Obviously the associations were the best part of the course. One year, I was the treasurer of the concert. We had to manage a budget of 100,000 euros, it’s huge! You also have to learn to work with people with different personalities, it’s the best school to become an entrepreneur. »

EDC, with a strong alumni network

One in two jobs is now filled by the network. School stakeholders are categorical: the network is necessary to survey a place in the job market.. And that’s good, because for 70 years, at EDC, “alumni” have been growing the freshman network. Once graduated, graduates are required to undertake mentoring interventions, to help students find internships, first jobs, and information. Anouk, 29, collections coordinator at Louboutin: I insist on the importance of the network. All the situations that I found through acquaintancesYoung woman’s details. When I graduated from EDC, I was a bit lost. I called all the veterans who worked in the fashion and luxury sector and one of them took me into their care. I owe him a lot. »

EDC Paris Business School, the reference school for luxury?

Several courses are offered at EDC Paris Business School. 3-year post-baccalaureate bachelor’s, 5-year Grande Ecole and 2-year post-baccalaureate master’s +3. The Bachelor’s degree is designed to provide all the necessary resources to be able to embark on the business world from the end of the three years. Several specializations are offered in the Master: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Sports Management, International Business… You can find all the courses here.

From the first year, students can choose to continue their studies in English or French.

Which profile to enter EDC?

The main criterion considered by the school for the selection of its students: academic excellence. Marks and ratings are thoroughly analyzed in the application files. Then the written and oral exams are accepted. The additional thing that can make the difference: feelings and extracurricular activities that give certain qualities to management and, above all, motivation.

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