Belgium, the first online marketplace for Fnac Darty

The new Fnac store in Woluwe Shopping Center reinforces the presence of the Fnac Darty collection in Belgium. Online sales account for 30% of their income.

Two thousand square meters on two floors 30 collaborators: opened on Wednesday, The new Fnac store installed in Woluwe Shopping Center is the largest in the country. The ground floor of the store is dedicated to technologies (computing, telephony, audio, photography, small household appliances, urban mobility), the first floor which hosts cultural products (books, games, music).

“This new location in Brussels allows us to complete an incomplete network because we were only located in the city center.”

Enrique Martinez

CEO of Fnak Darti

“This new location in Brussels allows us to do that Complete an incomplete grid yet Since we were only present downtown (in City2 and at Toison d’Or, editor’s note),” confirms Enrique Martinez, CEO of Fnac Darty Group.

Belgium is the second largest market for the French group, which relies on a network of nearly 1,000 stores in 7 countries. Fnac Darty is exiting a record year 2021, buoyed by a wave of post-coronavirus purchases. Parent company of the Belgian brand Fnac Vanden Borre (total 85 points of sale) 8 billion euros exceeded the trading mark last year (+7.4%), net profit of €160 million (million in 2020).

Record numbers

“With the health crisis, we went through two complex years in terms of management, with difficulties in supply, which did not prevent us from setting records last year,” says Enrique Martinez. In Belgium, sales of Fnac Vanden Borre brought in about 640 million euros, The number is also growing. “In Belgium, the Fnac-Vanden Borre integration was successful,” he says.

Part of the growth in group turnover is of course related to The rise in remote work. But the health crisis has also prompted consumers to improve their indoor homes, for example by investing in them video equipment. According to Enrique Martinez, the book sales It also rebounded, particularly in the comics and manga.

This Spaniard with an economics degree from IESE Business School in Madrid started his career at Toys’R Us, before joining the Fnac Group in 1998. His mission: to establish and develop the brand in Portugal. In July 2016, he was given responsibility for merging the Fnac and Darty brands in France, before taking the reins of the group a year later.

“Fnac’s store network is sufficient, especially since the digital number is effective.”

Enrique Martinez

CEO of Fnak Darti

A very digital Belgian market

The Fnac brand in Belgium today 13 stores in Belgium and one in Luxembourg, all integrated. “This fleet is currently sufficient, especially since the digital figure is effective, even if we continue to monitor any opportunities that may arise. But we must take care to maintain a balance between good location and rental fees which should not be too high,” says Enrique Martinez.


The area of ​​​​the Fnac store in the Woluwe Shopping Center is 2,000 square meters, which is the largest in the country.

Fnac Darty surpassed the €8 billion trading mark in 2021, with a net profit of 160 million.

In Belgium, Fnac Vanden Borre has a turnover of approximately 640 million euros. Our country is the second market for the Fnac Darty group.

The Fnac brand in Belgium now has 13 stores in Belgium and one in Luxembourg.

In Belgium, online sales account for 30% of Fnac Vanden Borre’s turnover (26% at group level).

The subscription formats Darty Max and Vanden Borre Life have attracted 500,000 subscribers, mainly in France.

So it’s time to update some stores, like City 2. Especially since the collection can count on a good virtual establishment. In Belgium, online sales account for 30% of Fnac Vanden Borre sales (26% at group level, editor’s note), making Belgium The group’s leading e-commerce marketdefines CEO of Fnac Darty.

And if sales are progressing, so are they, he says, because customers are “demanding and Purchasing mainly high quality products, Which suits our group, which occupies a good position in high value-added products.”

Second hand and subscriptions

The rise of the circular economy has not escaped the French group either, It is fired from the other side (starting with device and writing ports) and focuses on Extend the life of products through handling and repair, The department employs approximately 3000 people within the group. By ensuring customer loyalty via a subscription formula.

“Darty Max and Vanden Borre Life formulations are testament to our commitment to sustainability. They are real consumer savings and this It commits us to a better dialogue with our suppliers To encourage them to extend the life of the devices”, confirms Enrique Martinez.

Launched in 2019 in Darti and in 2021 in Vanden Bury, this subscription formula offering the customer unlimited repair of major home appliances in the home seems satisfactory. “At the end of 2021 we had 500,000 subscribers, mainly in France. Our goal is to reach 2 million subscribers by 2025. Customer reviews are very positive. We control the entire model and support customers in using the products to improve their life,” explains the Group CEO.

No figures have been released for Belgium, but upon hearing Enrique Martinez, “the development is positive.” The subscription formula was launched as a priority in the group’s two main markets, France and Belgium Can be extended later to other countries.

Despite the skepticism associated with soaring inflation weighing on purchasing power and the war in Ukraine that drove up energy prices, Fnac Darty is coming off a decent first quarter. “The numbers are down from the record first quarter of 2021, but still higher than before the virus,” says Enrique Martinez. Who remains cautious for the future.


  • New Fnac Store Opened in Woluwe Shopping Center Biggest 13 Fnacs The Belgians.
  • This fleet is considered sufficient, especially since belgium, Where online sales account for 30% of sales volume, is The first online market Collection.
  • In Belgium, the second market for the Fnac Darty group, Fnac Vanden Borre achieved a The turnover is about 640 million euros.
  • The Subscription plans Darty Max and Vanden Borre Life have already attracted 500,000 customers, mainly in France.

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