Benefits for employees and companies

For both companies and employees, employee savings is a device with real benefit. If you are a VSE/SME Administrator and want to get an accurate idea of ​​the true interest of such a solution, you have come to the right place. In addition to defining the term “employee savings”, you will also find in this post information regarding the benefits it provides to both employees and businesses. Here is the point of the question

Employee savings: what are they?

As its name suggests, employee savings is actually savings that the company’s employees can build up in the latter. To better understand the benefits of employee savings, simply visit this website. This system is mainly based on the profit-sharing and profit-sharing mechanisms that have been gradually established by law.


Participation provides employees with the possibility to relate to the results of the structure that employs them. Thus they can get a portion of the profit made. Staff savings is also my choice When it comes to important business Less than fifty employees. in contrast, Once the 50 employees threshold is crossed, participation becomes mandatory.


First of all, it must be emphasizedIt’s optional And that it provides for any structure that desires it, the possibility of implementation Payments to employees. Said payments are made in accordance with the financial or economic performance (productivity, turnover or profits) achieved during a certain period. So the interest is random.And the employee can, if he wishes, decide to touch it. If this option does not suit him, he can also decide to invest the received amount in an employee savings plan. Thus he will be able to generate capital and benefit from the multiple advantages associated with his choice.

There are two different types of employee savings:

  • Company savings plans (PEE): Here, the amounts saved must remain invested for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Group retirement savings plans (Collective PER) : In this case, all funds are frozen until the employee retires.

In France, it is also estimated that about 11 million people benefit from employee savings. Almost everyone can access it, especially those who work in the private sector, including associations.

What are the benefits to the company?

For companies that decide to implement it within their structure, employee savings remains an important tool with which they can more easily achieve various goals. Since it is not mandatory for companies with fewer than 50 employees, it is important to focus on the benefits it can offer. Among the undeniable advantages of this device, we can mention:

  • The fact that she is still A real tool to motivate employees. In some cases, employee savings can help retain some employees.
  • Although it cannot be considered an increase in salary, it does make it possible to change the gross pay.
  • The social and tax benefits offered by this system to the company are also important assets.
  • Thanks to Pacte’s law, the social package rate (which is 20%) for companies with fewer than 50 employees on amounts generated by profit sharing and profit sharing has been eliminated.

On the other hand, what is its benefit to the employees?

employee benefit

For an employee, employee savings has two main advantages, namely:

  • The matching contribution by the employer,
  • Softer taxes.

In connection with the contribution, the company can make a decision to add an additional contribution to employee payments. This is in addition to the savings efforts. Note, however, that Contribution is limited And it can not be adjusted individually for each employee.

Taxes are more convenient for the employee. Thus, profit sharing bonuses, matching contributions or participation are exempt from social fees (except for CSG-CRDS). Furthermore, if the employee decides to invest the profit sharing and profit sharing bonuses in the employee savings plan, he will also be exempt from income tax.

In the end, employee savings can be considered as an excellent solution for an employee who wants to build up capital or savings. For their part, business leaders can use it to motivate and retain their employees. So this device represents a real interest for both parties.

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