Bitshiabu talks about Euro U17, Zaire Emery, Mbappe and his pride in playing for PSG

El Shadael Pichiabo, a 17-year-old Paris Saint-Germain defender, spoke on the Paris Saint-Germain website after the big win at the European Under-17 Championship. He talks about the competition, which went well before talking about his PSG teammate, Warren Zaire-Emery, delighted to share this adventure with him. He notes that he had the support of some professionals in the club, which made him very happy. Finally, he talked about his future and his desire to fight for his place little by little, by scratching his playing time.

Bitshiabu “I’ve lived this competition well”

“This competition, I went through very well. We came with a bit of a worry about the championship, because it was our first European Championship, but in the end it went well from the first matches. We showed our quality, and it was a really great experience. For me, in the first European Championship for me, I was able to play everything, it was really cool.

Bitshiabu “It was really a great experience we were able to live together”

Leaving with Warren was great, because I was with one of my colleagues in everyday life, we were able to talk and laugh. Even if there was a very good understanding, with others as well, it was a really great experience that we were able to live together »

Captain in the first match, Bitshiabu gradually acquires his ball daughters. Aura By playing in the French league, at just 17 years old, his Euro is yet another testament to the boy’s speed. Nothing and we must congratulate this French U17 team but also our representatives from PSG. The competition went very well for the Young Blues. They knew how to do what it took to the end, even winning shootouts twice in a row. Bitshiabu was able to share this beautiful period with another Parisian and this helped the giant defender.

In fact, 16-year-old midfielder Warren Zaire Emery has also shone in the competition. Score a beautiful goal (see here). Leaving pairs and returning to Paris as champions is very good for confidence and the upcoming season. Although they shouldn’t play the leading roles among the pros, one wonders if BITShiabu and Zire-Emery can’t take the time to play to continue their good progress.

Bitshiabu “Before I left, I told him [Mbappé] I was going to the European Championship to win it.”

“I called the players, and players like Diallo, Dina Ibembe, Xavi, Michot, or Kurzawa wrote to me. We also had Kimpembe on the phone and Kylian on the video. Before leaving, I told him I was going to the Euros to win it, and he told me he wanted to see me come back. With the trophy…so of course, I was proud to call him to share this moment with him.I am happy to make my teammates and family proud…

Bitshiabu “makes you proud to represent Paris Saint-Germain in a competition like this”

It makes you proud to represent Paris Saint-Germain in a competition like this. Then it’s only the beginning, and I hope to have a lot of adventure to live on in my career. Next season, I will show every day in training that I want to take the time to play. I know it will take hard work, and it will continue to do so.

Because the sequel is clearly a bigger place in the PSG project. Be warned, it’s not a question of questioning them by giving them responsibilities too quickly, but it’s interesting to see them progress. So, you have to play. Training brings that extra gap for a while, compared to training with youth teams, and if friction with Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Verratti or even Mbappe allows you to progress, nothing will replace high-level matches. Bitshiabu is ready to receive more light, he is young, but he will not be the first to do so. Especially since his integration into the group looks very interesting. It remains to be seen what the youngsters plan next season.

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