Blissim wants to become the leading player in e-commerce in Europe

Sold and then bought from Birchbox by its founders, Quentin Reygrobellet and Martin Labas, the group’s French entity, which has since been renamed Blissim, has for two years focused on its domestic growth driven by the Covid crisis, which is very favorable for e-commerce. ” We went in two years 30 to 50 million turnover With continued double-digit growth Quentin Rigropelier explains.

Having recently been freed from the agreement signed with the former shareholder that prohibits it from any international expansion, Blissim now intends to continue its development outside France. to do this, Raise Investissements, a company founded by Clara Gaymard, joined the roundtable of shareholders on February 4 For about a third, along with the majority of the founders, Otium Capital.

This will allow us to accelerate on the European side, with Germany on March 1, but also on the French side where we are one of the leading players in the digital field, but globally, with a margin of progress still very strong. Today, we have three pillars that we must grow, the box at €14.90, e-commerce for sales products, and our own beauty story brand creation studio. “, Leader.

Launching in Germany in March

To gain access to the German market, the manager first wants to build on the fund’s competitive advantage. ” We are entering a relatively mature market but with a more attractive product. We will offer the cheapest fund, the only dedicated box, the only one connected to e-commerce, which gives us access to all the major brands. “, Confirms.

As in France, each month the boxes will offer a customized selection of five products from five different brands, from eclectic, pharmaceutical, professional or specialty brands, mostly clean beauty. ” We will initially have global sourcing with gradually more local brands Quentin Rigropelier says. We have a lot of ambition in the German market, it is one of the first European markets ‘, he adds.

Currently, Blissim defines itself as number one in Europe by number of subscribers, with Only 200,000 people were recruited in France. The site should grow rapidly with the addition of European consumers.

The German experience should pre-determine the installation of the concept in other target countries, such as Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Poland, always wanting to favor a sustainable local local teams.

Acclaimed solution by brands

Based on the French model, the box concept aims to provide brands with a new tool for engaging with consumers. ” Things have changed a lot in ten years, and there has been a major change on the part of brands who are now putting digital at the center of their global expansion strategy. The fund has become one of the main levers of communication. For example, before Covid, our chests content was completed 3 to 5 months in advance on average, and today in February we have already completed the content for December 2022 Quentin Rigropelier explains.

Basic support According to the founder, Blissim Box now attracts 300 partner brands with very diverse profiles, ranging from the most established to the most specialized, with an increasingly oriented offering. clean beauty.

Beauty story studio creations

Program has been launched beauty story studio It took off a year ago by launching well-established brands. The principle is to develop and support brands independently of the Blissim brand, which will be presented in the open retail circuit.

Our work is based on data, which allows us to identify consumer needs, which brands have little or no coverage. Thanks to our fund, we also create a bridge between online and offline to test products, and grab customers’ attention. With Beauty Story, we use these two assets to create brands in universes that are powerful enough to meet specific needs. Quentin Rigropelier explains.

Of the 10 brands already released by the studio, Imparfaite or Glim, of course, are on sale on Blissim sites, but also, Nocibé, Marionnaud, Beauty Success or Monoprix.

For example, the Imparfaite Brightening Serum was one of the best-selling products on our skincare site in 2021. We’ve precipitated this boom in the ubiquitous anti-blemish serum category. ‘ the commander explains.

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