Blueberries win the euro for the third time in their history!

France wins the European Nations Cup under 17 years!

it’s over ! France U17 wins the Euro for the third time in its history after beating the Netherlands 2-1! Led by the team at the start of the second half, Al Balawit reversed the situation thanks to the Kompidi double! Another golden generation of French football!

This is the missing ball title! (FRA 2-1 PB)

What a brilliant striker this phone who outsmarts the entire defense and just has to finish the job! It’s missing a frame!

Smells good with blueberries (FRA 2-1 PB)

Only a few minutes left in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship final! For now, the Bleuets are holding on!

Zidane replaces Saitel (FRA 2-1 PB)

Elias Zidane comes to play in place of the excellent Saettel! He has the right to a warm applause for Ibn Zain al-Din!

Abroad rejected the goal of the Netherlands! (FRA 2-1 PB)

Perfect cross in the depth for Huijsen who threw himself for a diving head! Olmita deceives, but the referee blows offside whistle on the spot!

KUIJSTEN Quite a hole! (FRA 2-1 PB)

Corner for Bleuets who have the opportunity to drive the point home in this meeting! Kuijsten comes forward to grab the ball but commits a huge handball! Fortunately for him, the defender clears!

Les Bleuets have more difficulty (FRA 2-1 PB)

We feel like the last two games have taken the balites in a little bit now. One goal and game over!

Ulmita stop! (FRA 2-1 PB)

Slory is found in the far post, he sends a candy cane into the closed corner but Olmeta turns into a corner! In the corner that follows is a hole for the goalkeeper, fortunately without gravity!

More change (FRA 2-1 PB)

Injured and paralyzed by convulsions, Belusian makes way for Fangji Vongili’s endgame!

Things heat up between the two teams (FRA 2-1 PB)

Saettel and Slory heat up on the floor after a somewhat violent duel! Other players arrive to defend their partner and the referee is obliged to intervene!

Misehouy strike! (FRA 2-1 PB)

At the entrance to the area, Misehouy tries to strike a surprise but it is just above Lisandru Olmeta’s targets!

France’s first change (FRA 2-1 PB)

The first change is with the release of Désiré Doué and is replaced by Axel Guéguin!

My hubby! (FRA 2-1 PB)

What an incredible scenario! This is how he works face to face and continues with a strong blow at ground level! Kuijsten pushes back… at the feet of Kumbedi who finishes the job, 2 to 1!

Raspberry equation! (FRA 1-1 PB)

What a wonderful equalizer from France! Kompidi takes his course and plants into the axle before sending a powerful shot from the left halfway! Koijsten was beaten, 1 to 1!

Blueberry’s third job! (FRA 0-1 PB)

What a talented number of talents who, with his back to goal, turns fast and continues with a shot from a tight angle! Kuijsten turns in office!

Another huge launch from Koijsten! (FRA 0-1 PB)

Awesome opening from Tom Settle trying to launch Doué in depth! The Dutch goalkeeper comes out like a runner and takes the ball off the feet of the Frenchman!

Quigsten Parade! (FRA 0-1 PB)

Bonn install for Saettel which returns to Tel! The striker rolls up his shot but Koijsten rests completely…


Blueberries surprised in teamwork! Van Dauphin controls his chest and takes down the last defender before hitting Olmita with his toe! From 1 to 0!

here we go again ! (FRA 0-0 PB)

Les Bleuets will have to make the difference in this second half against the Netherlands, or else it will be penalties!

It’s time for a break! No goal between France and Holland!

It’s the break! In the U-17 final, France and Holland left without a single goal 0-0! Les Bleuets can feed regret through two jobs at the start of a match but they have complete control of the game.

French high pressure (FRA 0-0 PB)

Defenders try to lift properly as quickly as possible but scare themselves with high pressure from the Bleuets!

Great Defense of Bitshiabu (FRA 0-0 PB)

Blueberries are put to the test defensively but Bitshiabu watches the pills and calms everyone down!

Atangana stays on the ground (FRA 0-0 PB)

Fantastic work by Oranje which ends with a handover from Babadi to Blokzijl who sets foot on Atangana’s head. The French player remains on the ground but will resume his place.

You must apply to set pieces (FRA 0-0 PB)

Corner for the France team and we will get the head of Pichiapo! Too bad a shot goes further than the far post.

I got it again! (FRA 0-0 PB)

Great pressure from the attacking Bleuets players and Doi regains the ball! Dodge for the last time and seize his chance powerfully! It’s way higher!

bang does not find frame (FRA 0-0 PB)

Perfectly positioned in front of the surface, Desiree Douy puts the power into his free kick but never finds the frame…

Huijsen scores yellow (FRA 0-0 PB)

See directly the talent of the young Parisian Zaire Emery! He outruns everyone and is cut by Huijsen who gets the yellow card!

Orange recovering (FRA 0-0 PB)

Fantastic job for the Dutchmen taking to the court with a touch of the ball! From behind, Mishoy fails to shoot on goal!

Bitshiabu Straight into the Wall (FRA 0-0 PB)

Blueberries free kick and it will be shot by Bitshiabu, the greatest player in the team… He tried it straight but he hit the wall, it’s amazing to get him to shoot.

Now we have to score (FRA 0-0 PB)

Corner of blueberries that intensify the pressure! Du puts the ball in the penalty area, but it is clear.

Phone Taking Its Chance (FRA 0-0 PB)

Another chance for the French team with Matisse Tel! The striker rises quickly and hits the ball especially at the entrance to the surface, but it’s out of bounds!

Orange climbs to the field (FRA 0-0 PB)

Beluchian makes a mistake in his camp and gives a good free kick opportunity to the Batavian! It was photographed by Babadi, who did not pass the first curtain.

massive uvea pressure (FRA 0-0 PB)

The Dutch are facing great difficulty in these first minutes! Every French attack set fire to the defense of Holland. We get out as often as we can!

Once again a post about berries! (FRA 0-0 PB)

Les Bleuets is unhappy after two participations in 8 minutes of playing! This time, Saettel hits at the entrance to the district and finds the Kuijsten Center!

Batavion under pressure (FRA 0-0 PB)

Another free kick for the French team that wins all its offensive duels! Doi took the matter but it is difficult to be held back by the Dutch defence.

SU take this position! (FRA 0-0 PB)

A very good free kick from the start for the French national team just before the penalty area! He rushes a hill and takes the position after choosing the open side!

The final match of the U17 team between France and the Netherlands begins! (FRA 0-0 PB)

And here we go to the U-17 final between France and Holland! Les Bleuets could win their third Euro title in their history while the young Batavians hold two doubles.

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Welcome to our website to follow the Euro U17 final for which France qualified. Second in their group behind the Netherlands, who meet again on Wednesday, France beat Germany in the quarter-finals, then Portugal in the semi-finals, each time after penalties. France’s under-17 team has won the European Championship twice: in 2004 and 2015.

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