BlueMill. Over 600 students benefit from the sporting nature of Brusselland

a report.

Twenty-six chapters of the community of Ploërmel, through twenty-seven workshops, came to enjoy a gigantic playground, at Lac au Duc, in Ploërmel (Morbihan). At the end of the day discover many sports and environmental activities.

Hanging on a hull, like a little monkey, Lewis challenges his classmates, I’ve seen the tricks I can do. It’s so cool here, I’m going to tell my parents I want to do it a lot.

Neglecting the warning instructions, Yves Buzek, president of the Blurmel Displacement Art Academy Association, remarked: You can actually go back on Saturday with your parents for the big festival day. There will be a lot of new activities including ours.

Movement art aroused great interest for many children. | West of France

Be careful other than the screen

A little later, on the circuit, the students learn to master a mountain bike. Others are introduced to archery, Breton games, sandball (a team sport derived from handball), rugby…

A true rugby player will drop his exam to the cheers of his classmates. | West of France

A total of 27 workshops are offered to 26 classes of the Ploërmel community who will come for two days. Six hundred pupils, mostly CM1, They will savor the joys of sports and the activities of nature, with water awareness primarily. A great way to show that it is possible to stay occupied other than on the screensays Hania Renaudi, vice president of the Blurmel Community, which is responsible for education, childhood and youth.

Paddle boarding fun for an entire class. | West of France

Besides the numerous sports activities, there is a village dedicated to activities related to water and sanitation. We only carried sticks to try to lose as little water as possible. It’s funny, but it also shows that we shouldn’t waste waterreaction of students from the Notre Dame School, in Campignac (Morbihan). We are also here to raise awareness about pollution and renewable energyClaire Comptes, host of Petits débrouillards, steps in.

“Learning Rich Workshops”

No workshop passes without children’s laughter ringing in the ears of the facilitators and teachers. Orientation, such as Breton games or even shooting, with very fun aspects, are workshops rich in learning. It’s hidden, but kids learn a lottestifies Soazig Le Trionnaire, a teacher at the Ecole Théodore-Monod, in Campénéac.

Each class had to perform Luck or Doc. Strict rule, you had to use salvageable items. On Saturday, the audience is invited to vote for the most beautiful creation. | West of France

Facilitators are very professional. Children can do many activities that they are not used to, and that is what makes this event so uniqueadds Sylvie Argent, a teacher at the Ecole Saint Joseph in La Trinité-Bourhouet (Morbihan).

From 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., children navigate several workshops. I loved climbing and for climbing I felt a little dizzy. I still have a lot to discoverthe lion hastily swipes before running to another workshop.

A complete firing moment thanks to sandball, a team sport derived from handball. | West of France

I loved playing handball in the sand, plus my team won. Rugby on the inflatable structure, it was very funnyMaëlys adds. Too bad if we hear Mr., but we want a school like this every day, have funLouise and Eleanor laugh. You are right to take advantage of it because tomorrow is double classes of Math and Frenchroom for the teacher with a wide smile, proof that everyone seemed to be enjoying the day to the fullest.

BlueMill. Over 600 students benefit from the sporting nature of Brusselland

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