Borrower’s Insurance, Right to Account, Life Insurance…which changes on June 1, 2022

Removal of the medical questionnaire and termination of loan insurance at any time, easy access to the right to a bank account, the offer of life insurance and PER management fees … and from the end of the month, the removal of the maximum of 38 euros for food vouchers.

The right to change your borrower’s insurance at any time

The law of February 28, 2022 provides for the most equitable, simple and transparent access to the loan insurance market The right to terminate to change the borrower’s insurance anytime for free.

in 1Verse June 2022, feel the new concern borrowers Whose loan offers have been issued as of this date. Each year, the insurance company must inform the insured borrower of this right of termination.

Cancellation of the medical questionnaire for some mortgages

Law of February 28, 2022 Delete the health questionnaire from 1Verse June 2022 for home loans quantity of them less than €200,000 per insured part, corresponding to €400,000 For spouses, each insured for half, and the loan is paid in full Before 60 years from the borrower. The insurance company cannot order any other medical examination.

Ex-Cancer Patients: Easy Access to Mortgage

from 1Verse June 2022, ex-cancer and hepatitis C patients benefit from a Right to be forgotten and reduced from 10 years to 5 years From the end of the treatment protocol. After their recovery, they no longer have to declare this disease to the insurance company. This would enable them to get a home purchase loan more quickly under the same terms as other borrowers.

Applying for the right to obtain a bank account: simplified procedures

From 13 June 2022people who have applied for opening a bank account and have not received a response within 15 days, can contact Banque de France directly, when they do not have another bank account.

As part of the right to the account, the Bank of France automatically assigns a bank close to the domicile (or place of professional activity) of the applicant. It is no longer necessary to wait for the rejection certificate from the bank. enough to Proof of his orientation with acknowledgment of receipt of the registered letter of the application sent to the bank or the deposit receipt in person.

Online Sales: New Commitments for E-Commerce Sites

From May 28, 2022, e-commerce sites must comply with new obligations to inform buyers, which makes it possible to strengthen consumer protection.

In the case of promotions, they have to offer the lowest old price the trader has exercised in the last 30 days.

Its e-commerce sites Prohibition of referring to or rating products without indicating the existence of a capital link between the site and the market operator. they have It also banned the publication of false consumer opinionsor claim that reviews were posted by consumers who used the product without verification.

All these practices considered deceptive can be punished with a fine of 300,000 euros and a two-year prison sentence.

Savings: View PER and Life Insurance Administration Fee

from 1Verse June 2022, insurance companies and bankers should publish on their website Standard table summarizing costs It applies to every life insurance or PER. Created under an agreement between producers and distributors of PER and life insurance, this The table displays fees by matching categories: annual fees, transaction fees (entry or payment, arbitration, exit, transfer, etc.). This screen aims to improve price transparency and strengthen competition.

Restaurant tickets: maximum use of €38 in restaurants until June 30, 2022

degrading device to use Meal vouchers up to €38 per day (including weekends and public holidays) at restaurants must expire on June 30. This doubling of the daily use cap, of €19 in stores (on working days), was implemented during the health crisis, in June 2020, and then was extended successively in December 2020, in August 2021 and then in March 2022.

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