Bruno Le Maire insists that “companies that can raise wages must do so.”

The Minister of Economy received representatives of employers’ organizations and professional federations in Bercy, with the fight against hyperinflation imminent.

“The work should pay off well”Bruno Le Maire announced after receiving in Bercy, on Monday at the end of the afternoon, representatives of employers’ organizations and professional associations to assess the country’s economic situation, with the approach of combating accelerating inflation. . This is, in fact, the thorny issue of the beginning of the second five-year period, and the Executive intends to demonstrate its ability to provide a quick solution.

The ambition of the new Minister for the Economy, Finance, Industry and Digital Sovereignty, second in the protocol ranking after the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, could not have been made clearer: presenting it to the Cabinet, before legislative elections on 12 and 19 June. Purchasing power bill . And that’s for the better Purchasing Power Protection of the French experienced inflation that approached 5% y/y in April.

Guests at this meeting included the main professional organizations, such as Medef and CPME but also U2P, and sectoral organizations, such as the Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD), the Confederation of Industries and Professions in Metallurgy. (UIMM) or the French Federation of Building (FFB). The aim of this meeting was to listen to the concerns of the economic players, but also and above all, “Let’s study with them how they can participate in protecting the French from rising prices.”Bruno Le Maire explained, during the handover organized on Saturday with ministers delegates. Because in the minister’s eyes, the maintenance of purchasing power should not be the responsibility of the government alone, but it should be well distributed “completely” between the state and companies.

At the call of the unions to engage in a general increase in wages, representatives of employers reiterated that such a solution should be excluded. We can’t give what we don’t have and promise the moon when companies come out of two years of crisis and also face rising costs. If we raise wages and companies are late, we gain nothing., came up in particular with the head of U2P, Dominique Metaier. In the face of rising prices, “Companies have the same pressure,” François Asselin, his counterpart from CPME, rebounded. We are seeing very high prices for the supply of raw materials, energy first. And when you can’t pass the selling prices, it’s complicated.

Especially since companies, according to employer representatives, have already made significant efforts to offset the effects of inflation, whether through individual increases or bonuses. “Wages have increased by more than 3% in the last mandatory annual negotiations, and profit sharing and engagement are sure to increase a lot as well.”Frederic Coerrier, co-chair of the Medium Enterprises Movement (METI) stated.

“It is not about weakening SMEs or SMEs”

At the end of this meeting on Monday, Bruno Le Maire insisted “Companies that can raise wages must do so.”. But, “It is not about undermining small and medium-sized companies or small and medium-sized companies that do not have the means to raise their salaries”select while he remembers it “For them, there is a very effective tool”here Macron’s rewardTotally tax free up to 6000€. “It’s a tool that should be widely used.”

Other levers put forward by the Minister of Economy: share in profits, and contribute to employees. “I am willing to consider all further simplification measures” On this tool, business leaders and representatives also told him on Monday that aspects need to be “simplified as the sharing formula”.

Finally, CPME President François Asselin, who on Monday morning made clear to France Info his desire to be exempted from overtime fees, appears to have been heard. “CPME has made interesting proposals on the topic of overtime. It should be added to the range of tools that can be made available to companies so that employees can make a better living from their work.Bruno Le Maire said.

Paying Environmental Management Plans

The chiefs also took advantage of this exchange with Bruno Le Maire to remind their concerns about the repayment of state-guaranteed loans (PGE), in light of the current situation. In unison, the unions have demanded an extension of the repayment period, which has already been postponed several times over the past two years. Medef meanwhile renewed its call to tackle the problem of inflation through targeted solutions. “Collectively, we cannot afford a permanent cost at all costs.”its president, Geoffroy Roux de Pizzo.

The package of measures that will appear in the amended financing law should include an extension of the tariff shield on gas and electricity prices until the end of 2022 as well as “Sustainable system and better targeting” From a discount of 18 cents per liter on pump fuel prices.

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