Business France and Bpifrance present the 13 winning French startups

After two months of deliberation, the jury of the NEXT French Healthcare program organized by Business France and Bpifrance has selected 13 French digital health startups. The winning startups will benefit from a digital bootcamp, followed by a face-to-face promotion in the US and Canada, in order to meet potential partners and investors.

Despite the health crisis and the interruption of international travel, Business France and Bpifrance have decided to maintain the 2020 edition of the French healthcare program NEXT, this edition featuring applications from more than 20 French digital health startups.

NEXT French Healthcare: The importance of digital health in times of health crisis

Digital health innovation makes sense in this time of pandemic. The emergence and development of medical solutions and devices, such as telemedicine solutions, and tools to diagnose or monitor patients remotely, are among the spearheads in the fight against Covid-19.

Through this programme, Business France wants to be the engine of the HealthTech revolution. Even if the valuations of the new health markets amount to several billion euros, French start-ups in the sector are still struggling to materialize their offerings and products due to the lack of available funding and support.
In this context, the NEXT French Healthcare program fits in. Its goal: to highlight projects and real sources of growth, employment and international impact.

Note: This program, which has already supported more than 80 companies during previous versions, has enabled more than 50% of winners to start collaborations in North America.

French Digital Health Experience franchise investing in North America

Business France wishes to bring the excellence of the French digital health expertise to the international arena, a program that allows startups to develop in the US and Canadian markets.

Thus, the 13 winning startups in the 2020 edition will participate in two complementary events:

Digital Bootcamp, June 22nd to July 10th. In the program: Three weeks of group and in-depth sessions aimed at increasing initiation skills in all topics related to entrepreneurship (organizational, marketing, communication, fundraising, human resources, operations, etc.), to allow him to do so. Create a network and benefit from feedback from experts…

and a promotional tour, which took place from 15 to 23 October in the United States and Canada. Key: Over a hundred business meetings, organized by Business France, with the aim of establishing partnerships and gathering potential clients for the 13 winning startups.

With its network of sector experts in close contact with local decision-makers and opportunities, Business France is a catalyst for innovation that knows how to bring together French companies looking for international opportunities and investors looking for excellence.

Elsa Rive, Director of Health at Business France North America and President of NEXT French Healthcare explains:

Major groups in North America applaud the vitality of French companies in the health sector and interact with them – particularly with France’s NEXT healthcare programme – to innovate. France’s HealthTech is confirming its place among world leaders, with token startups like Voluntis, distinguished Cardiologs in the MIT Review, or promising startups like Tilak Healthcare, Owkin.

While France has become a “startup paradise”, the transatlantic program seems more necessary than ever. French start-ups often think internationally too late. You have to think globally from the start. And for that, there is only one solution when you are HealthTech: to have a presence in North America.”

For Bpifrance, supporting innovative French companies internationally is a strategic issue, with the main objective of enabling them to successfully establish themselves in foreign markets in the long term.

Paul Francois Fournier, Executive Director in charge of Innovation at Bpifrance confirms:

The US market is the primary market for emerging companies in the fields of medicine, technology and digital health. NEXT French Healthcare, in this 2020 edition, has brought together many high-quality applications. It is reassuring to note that the health crisis we have been going through for several weeks has not affected the interest and enthusiasm of export start-ups.

Thus the American jury was able to select 13 tricolor nuggets. One of the winners, Pixium Vision, is also Bpifrance’s post, which we are particularly pleased with.”

Winners at the forefront of innovation to represent France across the Atlantic

In the fall of 2020, the winning startups, listed below, will represent France in North America to advocate for French digital health excellence:


Akemia is a drug discovery startup. It relies on pioneering physical theory and unique software to find the most promising drug candidates among millions of molecules. Thus, its software predicts the affinity between candidate drugs and therapeutic targets responsible for diseases.

Vascular Camp Base

BaseCamp Vascular has developed an automated vascular navigation system to facilitate the treatment of strokes by thrombectomy. It thus provides a solution for robotic catheters for intravascular navigation.


Domalys’ mission is to improve the daily lives of dependents and those around them to meet the expectations and desires of residents (the elderly and people with disabilities) as well as employees in nursing homes and retirement homes. Their products are co-designed and adapted to the care staff.


Ekinnox is a start-up whose mission is to democratize human motion analysis by developing simple, reliable and accessible solutions. KinTracK, the first Ekinnox product, is a quantitative and visual gait analysis medical device intended for nursing staff in rehabilitation institutions.

Elsie is healthy

Ellcie-Healthy is a startup that develops smart and connected glasses for sleep detection and fall detection. This technological innovation provides valuable information to each individual to better manage their health, well-being and safety.


Imageens creates medical image processing applications that help clinicians and researchers detect and diagnose cardiovascular disease early by providing rapid treatment as well as accurate and reliable reports.


Medexprim provides information technology and consulting services to healthcare organizations and radiology practices for the efficient and safe exploitation and enhancement of their imaging examinations and contextual clinical data, for research and big data (imaging data storage) projects.


OphtAI, a joint venture between two major manufacturers, aims to revolutionize eye disease screening and diagnosis with its cutting edge AI-based solution. Its ambition is to democratize expertise to enhance prevention and facilitate screening and diagnosis of eye diseases.

See Pixium

Pixium Vision has developed electronic vision systems based on its skills in Brain-Machine interface and artificial intelligence. These systems aim to compensate for the loss of deep vision and to improve independence, mobility and quality of life for patients particularly suffering from retinal degeneration.

PK . vitality

PKvitality is a leading bio-clothing company that brings to market its patented SKinTaste® technology, a revolutionary biosensor array that uses fine needles (<1mm) to collect and analyze chemical fluid just below the surface of the skin.


TheraPanacea is the French company that developed ART, the first fully AI-based solution to deliver radiotherapy on the fly. It currently consists of the first CE-marked product for automatic contouring of a tumor and its surrounding organs through deep learning and multi-atlas of anatomy.


VitaDX is developing a new non-invasive diagnostic utility; More efficient than urological cytology for detecting low grades; Repeatable, reliable and easy to implement. VisioCyt’s analysis is based on statistical learning or more specifically machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

We are fighting

Wefight is a company that specializes in developing virtual assistants for patients and their relatives. Its goal is to create companions who answer questions by simplifying information and can be reached anywhere, anytime during the treatment process. They do not in any way replace doctors but act as a mediator.

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