Business Security: Which Equipment Should Be Given Priority?

Security, which is an essential lever for the proper operation of the company, is an essential element in the management of employees and collaborators. It responds to many challenges, in this case Building protectiongoods and people. Company integrity is also a requirement linked to applicable standards in labor law. So the business owner must implement concrete actions to comply with these standards and protect his company. Focus on the equipment to be preferred for business security.

Protective clothing and safety badges

There are many occupational activities that carry a risk of burns, injuries, or even falls. To do this, it is necessary to reduce these risks by choosing professional clothing Appropriate. The special thing about windbreakers is that they cover the entire body and protect against chemicals, rain, and other dangers. In other words, it is well suited for use in the food, nuclear or general industries.

However, the protective suit is selected taking into account certain criteria, namely: the working environment, the conditions and the risks involved. For employees who work in low visibility conditions, it is recommended to choose clothing with a high vision. This type of combination is particularly suitable for work on sidewalks and on roads. To purchase your own protective jacket, click here to find the model that best meets the requirements of your activity.

The peculiarity of high-visibility clothing is that they individually and visually indicate the presence of the user. In addition, it is equipped withradiation emitters Visible, luminous intensity and photometric properties.

Aside from clothing, it is important to have security badges on. To meet the requirements of road works, for example, it would be ideal to choose a fluorescent badge or reflective so that it can be monitored from afar and at night. Additionally, to allow better identification of users, it is possible to customize the armband by adding text of your choice.

protective masks

When working in a dusty environment, it is necessary to take safety measures so that you do not breathe particles harmful to health. The respiratory mask Represents personal protective equipment that protects the user’s respiratory system.

To choose the perfect mask, it is important to consider some parameters:

  • the size ;
  • nomination[عامة]
  • Uses ;
  • The conditioning;
  • Collection;
  • Filter cartridge case.

If you need a respirator to protect you from chemicals, the ideal option is to choose half masks and Full face masks with filters . Depending on the need, it is possible to choose a gas filter, a particulate filter or even a built-in filter.

You also have the option to choose filter masks or even buffer masks. Protective filter masks, especially disposable masks FFP1And the FFP2And the FFP3 Adapted to purify the surrounding air. As a reminder, it is important that the oxygen level is as well greater than 17% To detect contaminants as well as odor.

As for the insulating masks, they are driven by an air supply device. This equipment responds to its use for an oxygen level of less than 17%. The other advantage of using this mask is that the contaminant is unknown while the space is confined.

For work that fits into the professional environment, the ideal will be the same to choose FFP . respirator mask(Facial Particle Filtration). It is a high quality disposable respiratory protective equipment used to protect against dust, particles or disease in particular. At the same time, FFP masks are very comfortable and designed to be worn for a long time. Other models are also free of silicone, PVC and latex . Such models make it possible to avoid a number of allergic reactions.


The eye is one of the most fragile parts of the body. To this end, any pest is likely to cause serious damage, including loss of vision. The gogglesSo they are especially necessary for some activities such as handling chemicals, welding or carpentry.

There are a variety of eye protection models on the market. The choice is made mainly according to the risks to the user and the working conditions. In practice, you can choose, for example, to branch safety glasses . This type of goggles provides effective eye protection. However, it does not guarantee sealing in an ambient environment.

Goggles are the most appropriate equipment for handling activities. In addition to protecting the eyes, they are equipped with ventilation that reduces the formation of fog. If the headband is tight enough, this kind of eye protection ensures a well sealed in the surrounding environment.

Apart from the latter, face goggles are essential equipment for a company that specializes in welding, for example. In addition to protecting the eyes, they provide protection for the face and part of the neck. L ‘face shield It can also be attached to a safety helmet, however it does not guarantee a better seal against the surrounding environment.

It should also be noted that the protective glass is available in polycarbonate or acetate. Polycarbonate responds best to mechanical, electrical and welding work. Very light, shockproof and UV resistant. L ‘acetate On the other hand, it is best suited for chemical action. It is a wear and scratch resistant material.

In short, goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for workplace safety. However, to find the ideal type of protection, it will be necessary to take into account the type of activity.

Storage and accessories

To keep equipment in top condition, it is important to improve the workplace. This is an approach that encourages employees to wear various personal protective equipment. The Storage and accessoriesSo they are essential to store and keep all kinds of different individual equipment easily. In addition, they make it easy to organize your workspace. If you are looking for a solid and durable storage solution, storage and accessories are the best alternative to choose. There are different types of storage designed according to type of equipment .

Whether it is for safety goggles, face shields or protective masks, it is possible to choose metal storage boxes. Apart from that, you can opt for the protective cases that also allow you to keep your devices in the optimum manner.

to me safety clothingAnd for protective gloves, there are also quite suitable storage compartments. For example, you can choose lockers and disposable clothes dispensers. Regarding helmets and safety shoes, it is also important to choose the right storage in order to better organize your dressing room. This also helps ensure the longevity of hard hats and safety shoes.

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