[Cannes 2022] Festival visitor record 2/3

5 days into the festival, here’s the second of my three-record mini-series for festival-goers, and a possible additional episode as the epilogue, to discover throughout the festival, right up to the price delivery. Today, I invite you to dive exclusively into the heart of the life of festival-goers.

With a movie maker like Jaspar Noe, the habit is to write that “time destroys everything”. In Cannes, time irreversibly regulates everything! Lack of time, not that but necessary, becomes the primary concern as long as one is a true festival goer with a zeal for cinema, not a vulgar influencer who fills the hours with emptiness, selfies sticking in one’s hands. Once you’ve woken up to solar time, it’s time to count on your mobile phone to countdown to 7am, the fateful hour when the ticket office gives access (or not) to all session reservations. Four days before the counting date. Take the time to get a good organizational premium, you don’t have to be a beginner. And as long as you do that, you can also pre-select Plan B for when others stay up at night to find a hotspot.

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From the ground up, during a festival, just plan for a few hours of sleep and dreams filled with your head, before finding the next morning the first show of a wake-up festival. First of all, with the choreography of municipal agents making the sidewalks wet and the city appear under arrogant palm trees. Then very quickly the approved members all stepped onto the stage, with their funny faces sculpted by accumulated fatigue, permeating the asphalt like tap dancing, adding sound to the city and inviting silence during this spring procession. Whether your name is unique or something else, the Cannes Film Festival seems like an endless day, I’m not sure an alarm can stay the same until the end!

Cannes Beach Cinema 2022

In the queues we find a little more of the same faces every day, each with a credit cord around his neck with a gold pin specially given for the 75th anniversary, adorned with a sentence that could be considered funny. Everyone categorizes themselves geographically and hierarchically according to the color of their insignia in a friendly atmosphere. A symphony of colors with well-organized tracks by the orchestra for the discerning and a balcony for the children of paradise. But in Cannes, the language of cinema settles the class struggle between barriers during the day, and conversations about the films shown come spontaneously with strangers. At Cannes, the word “free” is united by the bond of love in cinema. Friendliness prevails in front of palaces and hotels thanks to the precision of the police and peacekeepers of the artists, smiles are displayed, and compliments on clothes flow naturally between these two dressed journalists:Wow, you are so pretty !! But what happens to you? “ While two men compare their muscle mass after a friendly match “Have you forgotten the way to the room lately?” A bodybuilder fired it more than the two, which made me suppose they conjured more “Fitness Garden” than Debussy’s room, each to their own music. Good atmosphere in Cannes. I could have developed more sustainably but the festival organization is responsible for it and it really is spawning the era of the “Green Festival” where Patrouille de France calls itself amid hundreds of helicopters and big sedans. environmental layoffs. But let’s see the glass is half full. It seems that the goodwill is gradually being put in place (thanks to the contributions paid by each certified person) to reduce the use of plastic by installing fountains for filling recommended water bottles, Cannes is also available in the water history.

Cannes Beach Cinema 2022

In the evening, the music and actions are no longer the same and far from the drifting ice, the men present themselves as penguins at their best on Sunday not to leave the red carpet open under the hour of parades. Perched on a few centimeters, women try to walk on heels with more or less talent cleaning macadamia by passing the train of their dresses. At nightfall, the Festival de Cannes becomes an uninterrupted ballet. The turkeys brave spectators at this farce are deprived of gold tickets and stashes or even perched on the many seats Watch this show to touch a piece of a star-studded dream by hearing a classical piece of music animal carnival (1886) by Cami Saint Suns. This music clip accompanies the credits as the red steps engraved with the names of the blind directors emerge from the aquatic element and fly artistically to seventh heaven during each film screening from the official selection, to the applause of the audience. Pushing the public to rediscover Cannes’ magnificent rituals.

The monkey was in the winter

Just before dark, a ballet of unflattering loungers took over Macé Beach in a traditional beach cinema. With or without Pauline, you can re-watch the heritage movies every evening (The Truman Show, The GodfatherAnd monkey in winter, ET, The last picture in particular…) appears in a restored version during free shows under the stars. This year, two previews are offered to everyone: Court of Miracles from Karen May And Hakim Zahani (released September 28, 2022) and the documentary film Kristoff… sure from Angel Lycia And Dominic Gonzalez Forster (soon), followed by a giant karaoke singing that rocks if Alice isn’t back yet… love to the beat “Whether you anticipate a curious ballet of invitations or not, a game like You Love Me does not repeat every evening.

Can Beach Elvis

But in Cannes, I saw the festival as a monk rejecting all collective tunes so as not to argue in the following days. So I anticipate all proposals with the phrase “I have come to tell you that I am leaving.” But I assure you without causing tears, of course, it does not change anything! A few dozen meters away, another massive Barnum from Warner Bros. rises in honor of the King of Las Vegas, revitalized full-screen by the King of Sequins. Baz Luhrmann To discreetly accompany the preview show at the Grand Théâtre Lumière. when Elvis (National release on June 22, 2022) Arrive at Croisette, promising the next rock ‘n’ roll evening. Meanwhile, swaying my hips from the fatigue that occurs even in my steps, I joined like “Charlotte” to my house over the bay, for writing while contemplating the city lights, out of public view. 3:30 a.m. It is time to leave the azure keyboard and lights to go to bed to the sarcastic sounds of seagulls, after reading some comrades critically discussing the choice of films “Because of the lack of thrush we eat blackbirds.” As far as I’m concerned, I’m more excited about gold. In Cannes, everyone has their own palm …

Sebastian Poli

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