Caprin, Grenoble’s ready-to-wear brand, tempts Decathlon

IZER: Caprin, Grenoble’s outstanding clothing brand, entices Decathlon

Founded in 2021, the Grenoble brand Caprin (running apparel and equipment) has just appeared on the sports giant Decathlon’s market. “It is great, comments Alexandre Marquez, founder of the company. It is the largest market dedicated to sports in France – and possibly in Europe – with 15 million unique visitors per month.”

Decathlon contacted Alexandre Marquez to introduce their products to the market and sales started a few weeks ago. “The start was shy, he admits, but we’re not disappointed because we don’t really know where we stand. Anyway, in terms of visibility, it’s very positive. For its position, Decathlon is looking for brands who are experts in their field in tech products, as well as Environmentally responsible brands committed to a short circuit approach.Caprin ticks all the boxes.”

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Photo by Sandrine Riviere

Photo by Sandrine Riviere

Isère: G’Decor wants to expand outside Grenoble

In 2021, Grenoble-based G’décor continued its rise. Founded in 2011, the company has grown in a decade large from 100,000 to nearly €7 million in turnover. And she doesn’t intend to stop there. “We want to double our number over the next five years,” Sebastian Giardina explains. The starting point is the sole property of my father, the plasterer. I joined him to provide him with a business service, with a clear desire to develop ourselves. Today, the group includes seven companies covering all professions related to the renovation and decoration project: gypsum, tile, installer, painter, electrician, plumber, carpenter …

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By choosing oil from the UAE, France will “secure volume, but it will pay a heavy price for it”

Bruno Le Maire said France has started talks with the United Arab Emirates to find alternatives to Russian oil. Good or bad alternative? Anna Crete, professor of economics at Paris Dauphine University, analyzes this hypothesis in our journal. “It is a country with very large oil reserves and potential capacity to increase productivity. It is not too far away, we are staying in the Middle East, and that could make it possible to transport this oil. The problem is that every country is targeting an OPEC member for reasons that have to do with historical convergence. In my opinion, we should try to talk to OPEC as a cartel element.”

To read: By choosing oil from the UAE, France will “secure volume, but it will pay a heavy price for it”

the soul of the picture

the soul of the picture

Savoie: Digital Bubbler and Choice Become Soul

Digital Effervescence, a subsidiary of Savoyard specializing in marketing and commercial development using digital tools, has announced its entry into the capital of Choosit, the Montpellier group that specializes in tailored digital transformation, as a major shareholder. To signify their closeness, the two companies decided to bear only one new name: Spirit. The new company, which has 60 employees, now wants to double its turnover.

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A sharp increase in the wage bill in the first quarter in Geneva

Will wages rise again in Geneva under the influence of inflation? In any case, in the first quarter of 2022, nominal salaries paid in the canton by employers rose 4.2% compared to the previous quarter, the largest increase according to OC statistics since this number was measured. However, this very broad statistic does not allow us to determine which professions they rose to, the employees who need the most purchasing power are not necessarily the most interested …

To read: A sharp increase in the wage bill in the first quarter in Geneva

NTN-Europe . Pictures

NTN-Europe . Pictures

Haute-Savoie: NTN-Europe is moving forward for training and recruitment

Mechanic, grinder, assembler, line operator … Rare and hard-to-recruit profiles that are contested by the industrialists of Haute-Savoie. Subject, a constant headache for NTN-Europe (formerly NTN-SNR, change happened at the end of 2021), the leading private employer in the Annecy Basin. And clearly defined brakes on development for the world leader in wheel bearings, transmission seals, timing pulleys, and suspension parts. The equipment manufacturer, which employs more than 2,800 people at five production sites in Annecy, decided to create its own training course.

To read: In Annecy, NTN-Europe is advancing for training and recruitment

Swiss group Oerlikon leaves Russia

It was announced last week that the Swiss industrial group Oerlikon, which counts the Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg among its shareholders, will leave the Russian market by reselling its activities to its executives, without disclosing the amount of the deal. Sales of the Swiss group specializing in surface coating and textile machinery manufacturing last year amounted to 5 million Swiss francs, or 4.8 million euros. Its worldwide turnover was 2.6 billion francs in 2021.

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