Cartochery, Casilardet: a sparsely populated area of ​​Toulouse where there are many buildings

A sparsely populated but rapidly expanding area, with the new neighborhoods of Kartouchri and Burasol, Sector 2.4 is one of the areas where the most housing is built. Dive into the Cartoucherie, which accommodates 2,800 residents.

Almost 7 years ago the first inhabitants of cartridges arrived. This area of ​​Toulouse is now home to 2,800 people. The buildings appeared like mushrooms, and they are continuous. Near Zénith, promoter Eiffage is constructing an eight-story building. The construction site can be seen from the Rue Grande Brittany, where the T1 tram glides silently. It will be completed by the end of 2023.

1500 housing units built 3500 units in the long term

Those who find that there are indeed several buildings in the Cartoucherie will be at their expense. So far, less than half of the planned housing has been built: 1,500 housing units versus 3,500 in the long term. By the end of the decade, more than 6,500 residents will inhabit the area. The huge triangle that runs from Patti de Oy to the Ring Road represents thirty hectares of barren former industrial land, cleared 10 years ago.
On Mondays, the Place de la Charte des Libertés communales, as the area’s huge central square is called, is teeming with works of the Halles de la Cartoucherie. “Look forward to it,” sighs Hamid, the resident tasting mussels and fries on the terrace of the new Arcane restaurant.

The historic Halles de la Cartoucherie has been renovated and opened in 2023

With a length of 190 meters, the historic building will be completely rehabilitated. The Gourmet Hall, which will house twenty-five restaurants with a total of 1,500 seats, should be the first to open to the public in 2023. A 300-seat neighborhood cinema will be built in the small hall 128 overlooking the Rue de Grande de Brittany. The 800-seat modular performance hall at the other end of the Long Hall, on the Raymond Badiou Street side, opposite the Zenith, should open later, in 2024.
Meanwhile, dozens of stores and services have opened their doors in recent months. Fitness Park, Hotel Eklo, Carrefour, Comptoir de la Bioe, Obo Bon restaurants, 500, Tata and Arkan, Axis driving school, Nursing office and medical center, pharmacy, optometrist, bakery and hairdresser.

Dynamic neighborhood life, private consultancy in Barry Park

Neighborhood life is organized around a dynamic neighborhood committee and many associations. One of the challenges of exchange between residents is the connection to the neighboring Casselardit.
One of the most important “projects” of the neighborhood and residents committee, in conjunction with the city council, is the renovation of Barry Park. It aligns with the “Grand Parc Margelle”, a set of green spaces that stretch all the way to the Grand Mirail, past the Cépière Hippodrome. Sports spaces, new use of the Southern District, development of picnic areas, and the future of the old bowling alley are particularly on the list.

Bertrand Serp, District Mayor: “A new school cluster and district mayor are planned in the third phase of work by 2024”

La Cartoucherie was launched about ten years ago. Today, companies arrive in droves.

Yes, we will be visiting with the mayor, this Wednesday, especially the new central square in the area. Several companies have settled there in recent months. An outdoor market was also established at the beginning of the year. He will be able to move to the new central plaza, perhaps by this summer.

Typical houses of the district of Casselardit, near Garonne

Ultimately, the cartridges will hold approximately 10,000 lives. What new equipment do you plan to accommodate?

Phase 2 buildings are in the process of being handed over. We are now at about 3000 inhabitants. In the third phase of work, near the Zenit area, we plan to build a school cluster that will include primary schools and nurseries. Work will begin at the end of 2022, beginning of 2023. There will also be a one-hectare park, a town hall, including a real building for the town hall, as in Saint-Cyprien.

Will the third tranche of Cartoucherie be completed by the end of the state, in 2026?

Big portion, yes, we hope.

Is the redevelopment of Barry’s garden also part of your plans?

Yes, we have made very good progress in counseling. A large investment of 1.6 million euros is planned. Work will start in the second half of 2022. The goal is to make life more enjoyable for the residents of this park. A special working group is working on it. In particular, there will be a “city playground”, games for children. A new covered bowling alley will be built.

Your neighborhood 2.4 also includes the old working-class neighborhood of La Cépière. Where is the rehabilitation?

It has started well, and despite the delays with Covid, the project led by Toulouse Métropole Habitat is progressing. Dilapidated homes have been replaced with nice, standard housing.

The working class neighborhood of La Cépière, currently under renovation

The working class neighborhood of La Cépière, currently under renovation

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