[COVID-19] The pandemic has not benefited Quebec suppliers much since 2021

Few suppliers have made significant use of over-the-counter contracts during a health emergency. In addition to the impressive rapid test contract awarded to Investissements Gest-E, it is the American manufacturer Cardinal Health that has established itself as a major supplier of personal protective equipment in the health sector since 2021, at the expense of companies … Read more

Want to learn more about ESG at Samsung? Jenny Chun answers your most frequently asked questions

ESG – or Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – is more than a buzzword at Samsung Electronics, and we believe that a positive impact on the planet starts with our people. That’s why we highlight Samsung employees around the world who are leading the way in cultivating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. We … Read more

Tips for starting a business at a lower cost

If it is currently impossible to set up a company for free due to administrative costs, there are some tips that can greatly reduce Construction cost. However, there is no miracle: in order to pay less, you must necessarily do more work. But there are also free tools that will save you time. Here are … Read more

Variable business model

With the exception of the Volkswagen Group, which plays the role of transparency in Europe and clearly declares its desire to switch to an agent contract for marketing electrified cars of its various brands, manufacturers remain somewhat conservative about their intentions and the exchanges that they currently have with their networks and representatives. On the … Read more

Epidemic of sexual violence in factories in India

In India, the death of a young worker at an H&M manufacturing plant has been marked as a sign of the fight against the torture suffered by an entire community. Image credit: Better work In Dindigul, a small, secluded town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the death of Jaysri Kathiravl sounded like … Read more

Fully entering the 4.0 industry, DEMGY coordinates and automates QSE*, procurement, HR*, R&D*, and business procedures using the M-Files document management platform.

Like its products that lighten structures in the automotive, aerospace, medical, sports and entertainment industries, DEMGY Group, a manufacturer of durable and smart plastic solutions, has chosen to ease its operations by coordinating and automating its procedures with M-Files, the world’s leading information management company. M files increase productivity and improve the quality of work … Read more

What is Moocs’ business model?

Before discussing the economic model of MOOCs, do these cycles, which sparked enthusiasm a few years ago, never run out? After the enthusiasm for this new type of course, which was at its highest in 2012-2013, criticism has already been heard about its quality, cost and importance. Expectations waned and their business model came into … Read more

What is the balance between business management and human resources?

By Alexandra Noyeri | The Thursday 09 June 2022 | Employer’s brand ANDRH 2022 University: Céline Gervais (Quipment), Frédéric Lemoine (Groupe Leader Interim), and Eric Bigot (Baccarat) reveal their ways of (re)giving meaning to employees’ work. UNIANDRH 2022: Eric Bigot (Baccarat), Céline Gervais (equipment), Frederic Lemoine (interim captain) – © DR A roundtable, organized on … Read more

Think about the business model first!

Business plan (BP) in question! In quick succession at the end of 2012, two entrepreneurship experts – Steve Blank and Alexander Osterwalder – settled his account. It is not the right tool for startups. so what ? The business model, of course, if the distinction seems clear to some and experience in the field proves … Read more