“We offer future franchisees the opportunity to acquire one of our 50 operating stores in France”

Why launch your franchise model in France? Getir, a Turkish company established in 2015, has become a global player in the field of “Retail On Demand”, Express Trade, located in Nine European countries and the United States. These eight new markets opened within 14 months. This franchise model has been in Turkey since 2016 with … Read more

Despite doubts, e-commerce players say they are confident about the future

Fevad conducted a survey on the morale of French e-commerce merchants in 2022. The latter seems confident about the future despite the doubts. The health crisis is not completely over, but the high vaccination rate (77.8 percent) reduces the risk of exacerbations of cases and also affects the relaunch of retail activities. Although e-commerce has … Read more

Christophe Mesto, general manager of Mr. Bricolage, at La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, is betting on ‘more close’

Mr. Bricolage, whose head office is located in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, unveiled the figures for 2021: €2.4 billion in sales volume generated by 908 franchised stores, i.e. by 7.8%. The turnover of the parent company amounted to 302.7 million euros, an increase of 10.2%. Christophe Mesto, CEO, is taking advantage of these good results to launch … Read more

E-commerce record: Belgians spent 12.1 billion euros in 2021 – Business

In 2021, Belgians spent 12.1 billion euros on e-commerce, an absolute record and an 18% increase compared to 2020, according to figures published on Thursday by BeCommerce, the organization that brings together companies active in the Belgian digital commerce market. Thanks to this record year, e-commerce has resumed its growth rate of 6% compared to … Read more

Cardboard business is booming with the boom of e-commerce and the abandonment of plastic packaging

A 25% jump in turnover in 2021 compared to 2020. This was revealed on Wednesday by the French Confederation of Cardboard, Paper and Cellulose Industry (Copacel). This is an amount of 5.9 billion euros for this sector which, in France, represents 82 factories with more than 10,500 employees. In terms of volume, production increased by … Read more

Benjamin Mominovich, e-commerce entrepreneur –

Started from nothing, young people Benjamin Mominovich He now lives in Dubai. Additionally, he owns 8 e-brands. A giant step that requires courage: a risky decision for a young entrepreneur In a short time, only the 23-year-old managed to climb to the major leagues by his own means. A reward worthy of his efforts. The … Read more