Collaborative trade a model for the future?

During a recent online press conference, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which brings together retail players organized into cooperatives or groups of independents, presented the latest developments in the sector: in 2021, it grew by 4.5%, reaching 163 billion euros in Sales volume, after growth. 2% the previous year. In 2021, 218 points of sale … Read more

The best of in-store e-commerce, and vice versa!

“Customer Focus”: is now a reality in sales performance service Customer behavior has changed over the past two years. For 80% of retailers surveyed, more than half of their customers have changed their buying behavior in a sustainable way. The concept of “client centricity”, which has not been tangible in practice for a long time … Read more

Epic automatic distribution. Group in Distribution Service – L’argus PRO

“Automatic distribution is above all a human adventure born of men and women’s vision of the independent repair and distribution market in France.” Here are the first words that Laurent Desrouffet, General Manager of Network and Light Vehicle Repair Activities, said during a press day organized in Saint-Brieuc, to announce, among other things, the results … Read more

Like receipt, accounts for Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s tell what Americans bought in the first quarter, markets news

Temples of mass consumption, such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s in the United States, have since the health crisis become high places for psychoanalysis. “Over the past two years, we have done our best to understand customer behavior” Which, in the macroeconomic environment that has become ” out of control “decided to restore … Read more

Facebook whistleblowers urge MEPs to ensure ‘law does not go a long way’ –

While re-examining the impact of recently passed digital regulatory texts, lawmakers in the European Parliament had the opportunity to chat with Facebook whistleblower Frances Hogan, who called on them to do whatever was needed for the DSA to be “Success stories”. Members of the European Parliament from the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) … Read more

How the customer experience turned from a cost driver into a differentiator for brand

We hear more and more about it without necessarily knowing what it is. What does the concept of “customer experience” mean? Also called customer experience or CX, it is the system that collects and manages all direct interactions between a brand and consumers. So this includes both the customer journey, which starts from their arrival … Read more

Long live death, the impossible challenge on social media

Posted in: 05/19/2022 – 12:56Modified : 05/19/2022 – 12:54 San Francisco (AFP) – Less than two minutes. That’s how long it took Twitch to boycott the live broadcast of Saturday’s buffalo shooting, which didn’t stop the snippets from circulating. Despite advances in technology, preventing violent images from being broadcast live remains a challenge, especially since … Read more

Amazon, and BNP. And economists next to the “public interest” in Toulouse

Amazon is the world’s leading power. In Toulouse, the tone is set. Corporations and economic players rule the worldJennifer Stephenson, Director of Communications at the Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse 1 Capitol University of Economics continues. Within this institution takes place this Thursday, May 19 and Friday May 20, still good in French, the second … Read more

The Global E-Commerce CRM Software Market Is Expected To Grow Significantly In 2029

The most recent research report on Global E-Commerce CRM Software Market 2029. To understand the market comprehensively, a variety of elements must be evaluated, including socio-economic conditions, business cycles, and microeconomic requirements that are certainly relevant to the market under study. Additionally, CRM E-Commerce Software Market study gives a detailed examination of the state of … Read more