Fitness, always in search of oxygen to resume excellence

Because of the health crisis, fitness room operators are still suffering. In September, which is a major month in terms of subscriptions, the The return of practitioners did not live up to expectations. Operators continue to question the lasting consequences of Covid, and changes in the behavior of practitioners. A business survey about the sector … Read more

Les Poulettes Fitness bet on recycled nylon for their clothing, Le Lab / Idées

For Fitness Pullets, econyl is the holy grail. “Since our inception in 2017, we’ve been looking for eco-friendly materials. But with all of our attempts, we’ve lost the second-to-skin side of our women’s tracksuits. It wasn’t breathable enough, packing enough and we couldn’t find that touch of peach skin,” says Roxanne Sautet. Co-founder of Poulettes … Read more

Future Developments in the Self-Heating Fitness Slimming Market, Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers, and Challenges from 2022 to 2028 announces a new research report on Global warming slimming fitness pants market 2022.The market is expected to grow at a healthy rate during the forecast years. The Slimming Fitness Pants Self Heating Market Research Report 2022 presents an in-depth research on market size, share, growth, trends, prices, demands, statistical and comprehensive data of the … Read more

5 fitness activities to lose weight

As far as saying it right away, betting on everything in sports to lose weight would be a mistake. For this process to be effective and consistent, the weight loss process must be proportional to unity. They are: eating a healthy and balanced diet, respecting your bedtime and engaging in regular physical and sports activity. … Read more

Why do fitness and bodybuilding in the gym? …

Joining a gym for bodybuilding and fitness brings many advantages. Find out which one. Why choose to exercise indoors? The success of gyms and bodybuilding comes from the many advantages they offer. Perfectly equipped, it offers many activities to choose from to meet all needs. The possibility of supervision is an advantage too, not to … Read more