Fitness: Choosing the Right Practitioner

Yoga removed from its foundations, gym trainer at a discount… As the market explodes, its representatives are less and less trained. to focus. The problem arose a few years ago with acupuncture. In China, where the system was born, or in Taiwan, acupuncturists train in medical school for seven to eight years. But in France, … Read more

“The worst is behind us and the future is bright. Time to open a gym!”, Frederic Petit (Director of Development at Lapart Fitness)

A few weeks before the 2022 edition of the Franchise Expo Paris, where the brand will be present to recruit new franchisees, Frédéric Poty, Director of Development at L’Appart Fitness, is assessing the evolution of its network and its ambitions for the future. fitness apartment Fitness makes us better Excellent, stylish and comfortable fitness club … Read more

The Xiaomi fitness app is now called Zepp Life

Zepp Life changes its name and logo compared to Mi Fit, but keeps its interface and options intact. Without a doubt, Xiaomi Mi Band has been one of the most popular wearables for several years, thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio, and it is already in its sixth edition. Since the first model of the … Read more