Brest mobile apps: for easy saving

by Yan Jingu Posted in October 20, 21 at 4:00 pm Brest side see my news Follow this media Thomas Ramé, one of the founders of, located in the village by CA Finistère, inside the Capucins workshops in Brest (© Breastside). a Smartphone app Aiming to help individuals save Intelligently while allocating a percentage … Read more

In “Money Jungle” series, a Russian billionaire’s treasure shakes the kingdom

It’s been keeping you on the lookout since the beginning of November. money jungleThe series, which was imagined by David Decinville (Editor and Author) and Pascal Henri (Investigative Journalist and Director) on behalf of the National Bank of Egypt issues, was revealed, episode after episode, in our newspaper. If you’ve already read the first seven … Read more