Nature education is essential, let’s fund it

Dimitri de Boissieu is an ecologist by training and a teacher in nature and the environment. he is an author Bolivia Environmental Illusion (Écosociété editions, 2019) and co-author of Out ! In nature with a group (Eds. Environmentalists de Lozier). Dimitri de Boasio The health crisis we are experiencing today proves that all activities of … Read more

Study finds urban life separates us from nature

Posted on May 24, 2022 What if hyper urban life keeps us away from environmental issues? Highly immobile urban structures, occasionally associated with living organisms, cities tend to limit our knowledge and imagination about the dynamics of ecosystems. Even worse, this adverse effect may contribute to limiting the adoption of good practices for the benefit … Read more

apple tree house | A space related to nature

Trees hit by the storm were scattered on the road to St. Donuts. At their destination, 50 windswept giants wait to rip them apart. The little apple tree remained intact, nestled in the heart of a house in which it became the focal point. Posted at 12:00 PM. Isabel Moren Journalism From his native Montérégie, … Read more

Nature tourism is popular in France

Since 2020, the pandemic-related unrest has changed the tourist habits of the French. They are more likely to choose holidays in France. After a few weeks of booking, they also showed a A marked preference for nature holidays. This trend favors areas that have hitherto been outside the big waves of vacationers. An area reconsidered … Read more

Mary Kay Inc. Expands. Its partnership with The Nature Conservancy to protect biodiversity and marine resources

Dallas, June 08, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Oyster reefs benefit humans and the environment through the range of ecosystem services they provide. A single oyster can filter up to 240 liters of water per day, improving water quality and clarity, while supporting a unique and highly diverse community of fish and marine invertebrate species. In Europe, native … Read more

Living close to nature can relieve PMS symptoms

We already know the many benefits of nature to our mental and physical health. However, it ceases to amaze us. According to a study published in the scientific journal international environmental In November 2021, Its proximity may even help reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms. If there are no official numbers in France, according to the numbers … Read more

Sculpture, painting and digital art, our favorites in the Château حديقة Garden

Bronze sculptures, digital projections, or delicate metallic shapes, none of the fifteen artists invited to Chaumont’s art season express themselves in the same way. But everyone explores nature. Their works are published along the way. “You have to find the right place for business” Tell usShomon property manager, Chantal Coleu Dumond. Riding magic proves the … Read more

Thinking of Nature with Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A thinker of nature, Jean-Jacques Rousseau made it the primary focus of his anthropological, moral and political discourse. The Talking about the origin and foundations of inequality between men (1755) to Reflections of a solitary pedestrian (1776-1778), in theoretical works as in the autobiographical writings of the philosopher born in Geneva on June 28, 1712, … Read more

Projects flourished in northern France

Fallen factories, ramshackle mining towns, abandoned slag heaps… Artificial lands are rife in northern France, where people seek to return some to nature at the cost of long and hard work. expensive. Continuing with the concrete elsewhere. ambitious projects The place, managed, still looks like a vacant lot, in the heart of Quiévrechain (North). Until … Read more