Thoreau, surveyor

In the materialistic and prolific America of the 1850s, none of his contemporaries could have imagined that Henry David Thoreau would, a century and a half later, become the guardian ancestor of ecologists, a Zadian icon, even a survival inspiration. In their eyes, this marginal and ascetic Diogenes was more bizarre than prophetic. True, Thoreau … Read more

Teach yourself to nature instead of ‘reconnecting’ with it

Dimitri de Boissieu is an ecologist by training and a teacher in nature and the environment. he is an author Bolivia environmental illusion, Published by Écosociété Publications (2019). Stemming from research in ecological psychology in the 1990s, a concept “ connection to nature » Recently selected and published by those involved in education, biodiversity protection … Read more

Scientists explain why nature helps us

In 2015, a survey conducted as part of the Fête de la Nature revealed that 96% of French people doubted that nature is perceived as a “place of well-being and renewal”. Today, a torrent of books on the subject – driven by bestsellers The secret life of trees by Peter Wohlleben (2017) – sylvotherapy (recharging … Read more