CCI coastal Hauts-de-France and CCI Rouen Métropole side by side

Economics knows no administrative boundaries. That, Presley Valley Companies know that all too well. Sitting between two departments, two districts and two consular rooms, they could now count on the convergence of the latter.

Rich economical fabric

CCI coastal Hauts-de-France and CCI Rouen Métropole have signed a partnership agreement in an emblematic venue, the business arena of the sister cities, in Oust-Marest. Its goal is to meet the needs of businesses in the Presley Valley Territory (excluding Treport Port) at all stages of business development. Two elected officials of the CCI Rouen Métropole can attend the meetings of the CCI Coastal Hauts-de-France and vice versa if they wish.

Bresle Valley has 56 municipalities and three EPCIs. The economic fabric is rich. It brings together 1722 companies, including 678 in the trade sector, 368 in the industrial sector (including 27 with more than 250 employees) and 676 in the service sector.

The five largest employers in the territory are Pochet du Courval in Hodeng in Bosc (1,373 employees), Verescence France in Tréport (823 employees), Silgan Dispensing Systems in Tréport (435 employees), Gelae in Foucarmont (367 employees) and Nemera in Report (277 employees). The territory also has three dynamic trade unions: UCIA in Aumale, Le Tréport J’adore and UCIA Criel-sur-Mer.

Shared Services

By this summer, the branch will open its doors next to the EU Tourist Office. The activities of the common service will be the formalities (registration, modification or discontinuation of the activity, obtaining a professional card, marketing of company files, etc.), creation, acquisition and transformation of companies (accompaniment, advice, workshops, training, online tools, etc.), and business consulting in many areas (digital, sustainable development, business development, finance, tourism, human resources, business strategy, etc.), support for merchants (support and mobilization for UCAs, national day for local shops, markets: my shopping towns, etc.) In addition, studies (introduction of PLUs, CDAC, provision of studies, local exchange), club organization and networking (Ecosystem Cléon 4.0, women and challenge, inter-company meetings, regional clubs, CCI Business, etc.) and training and skills (Normandy employment portal, resource club humankind, mini-training agreements in partnership with the Normandy region, learning), international …

In the center, François Lavalle, president of the CCI littoral Hauts-de-France.

“The future is in cooperation”

This first agreement signed in France shows that the future lies in cooperation. With us we are strongerconfirmed François Lavalle, president of CCI littoral Hauts-de-France. “We were able to adapt and work smart together. Long live this pool” Vincent Laudet, counterpart from CCI Rouen-Metropole, added. The two chambers anticipate benefits to their citizens from major projects such as the construction of two EPR2s in Penly, which will create thousands of jobs.

“Collecting talent for the benefit of companies is in the public interest. Increase in energy, geopolitical crises, reimbursement for IGOs… Chambers will be called to support companies. We will have to be efficient with them”Patrick Coclay, Head of Dieppe Delegation, supported.

Vincent Laudet, President of Rouen Metropole CCI.

Jerome David, Vice President of Abbeville Valley de la Presley from CCI littoral Hauts de France, hopes this partnership will burden political authorities for the development of problematic road infrastructures at the end of two regions, two departments. Why not dream of extending RD 925 to the EU, or even Abbeville? Only time will tell if this is possible…

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