Charlotte Belbolt, the French journalist murdered in Ukraine, has chosen to take part in the European Championship … What you need to know this morning

A Vierzonnais scares the man who is trying to steal his house

He tries to rob a house, but is surprised by its inhabitant. The latter describes it to the police who encounter two men matching the description.

On a Sunday afternoon slumber in Verzon, a man tries to rob a house named chemin des Péages. It breaks a slab, but the noise challenges the occupant. He pays the thief to flee but has time to see him and, a little later, to describe in detail to the police, from whom he immediately seeks help.

Drunk, firing blank shots next to Verizon Police Station

On the night of Sunday to Monday, May 30, Verzoneh, 22, unknown to police and justice departments, was targeted by police officers.
The cops found themselves face to face with a young man shooting in the air with a pistol, attracted by the sound of gunshots, right next door to the police station, MacNab Street, in Verzon.

At 1:00 AM, in the dark, you can’t distinguish between a real gun that shoots real bullets, and a gun that shoots blanks. Fortunately, in the face of the police who had seized their weapons, the young man quickly lowered his guard and easily surrendered.

An uncertain future for the minors’ neighborhood in Bourdieu remand center in Bourges

While representatives of the Judicial Protection Union of Youth are concerned about the conditions of detention of minors in Bordeaux, the prison administration indicates that it plans to no longer house minors in Bourges. With four single cells on the ground floor of Bordeaux Prison, in the same area as the men, the prison for minors at Bourges Prison raises questions. “Minors must be kept away, in a designated place, with trained personnel and buildings and activity rooms designated only for them. In Bourges, everything is shared”, we regret Arnaud Vinier and Eric Sainz, representatives of the National Confederation of Education and Social Employees, Judicial Protection of Youth, Confederation United ( SNPES-PJJ-FSU), as well as teachers at the Berruyère PJJ branch.

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French journalist Frédéric Leclerc Imhoff murdered on BFMTV in Ukraine

President Emmanuel Macron announced on Twitter on Monday that a French journalist working for BFMTV who was escorting civilians on a humanitarian bus had been killed in Ukraine. The head of state wrote: “Journalist Frédéric Leclerc Imhoff was in Ukraine to show the reality of the war. On a humanitarian bus, along with civilians forced to flee to escape from Russian bombs, he was mortally wounded.”


The Barangaynes have selected Charlotte Billbolt for the France squad to compete in Euro 2022

After participating in eight qualifying matches (and starting in the first seven), Barangays’ Charlotte Billbolt is the pick of Corinne Deacon for Euro 2022, which will take place in England from 6 to 31 July. The 23-man squad was announced on Monday afternoon on TF1.

The Girondins de Bordeaux midfielder with 43 selections, including several captains, is now part of the French group’s executives and was selected despite strong competition (absence of players of the caliber of Amandine Henry or Keira El Hamraoui) in her position. A strong sign of its importance in Corinne Deacon’s device.

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