#CI20 Organizes SASEN Business Forum, West African Startup Ecosystem BtoB Meeting

press release

#CI20 (Ivory Coast Innovation 20) organized on Thursday 2nd June 2022 the SASEN Business Forum, the side event of the African Startups and Digital Economy Expo, dedicated to BtoB and sponsored by the Minister,
Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire Abdel Rahman Cisse.

Organized #CI20 (Ivory Coast Innovation 20), a college of 15 nuggets of Ivorian technology,
The first SASEN Business Forum, the SASEN side event dedicated to BtoB, will be held on Thursday, June 2, 2022 at
Nom (Plateau, Ivory Coast).

This forum, West African startup ecosystem BtoB event for the planned launch of SASEN 2022
In November 2022, with the participation of 250 decision-makers from Tunisia, Morocco and France,
Benin, Senegal and Togo. Speakers discussed competitive issues
Startups from francophone Africa in the context of fundraising, on women’s issues in the sector
And about the role and place of startups in the modernization of public administration.

these topics,
Restructuring of the sector, especially to be accompanied by actions thanks to
Real business environment drive for startups.

In this context, the results of the international report for the Arab Republic of Egypt are summarized
Global Innovation Index, which for the first time conducted a study on the innovation ecosystem in
Côte d’Ivoire with #CI20 as an example of good practice. In fact, #CI20 collects more than 10
National Excellence Award winners and over 85 national and international awards are born character
The cumulative turnover reached 11 billion CFA francs in 2021 and contributed to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the UAE
sub region.

The sponsor of this event is the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
Abderrahmane Cissé, d’Ivoire, announced the opening of Reflections, led by #CI20, at
Create a junior college campus.

Stephen Peddy, Head of #Ci20 stated: “We are pleased and proud to have successfully this first
Edition of the SASEN Business Forum. This demonstrates the need to create spaces in which everyone is allowed
Stakeholders in the ecosystem can meet to create synergies. In #Ci20, we have
The ambition is to make the continent a hub for innovation and startups, and to this end, since March 2021, we have embarked on a program to create 2,000 jobs over two years with
Information and Communication Technology. We are also in discussion
With various partners to create the first startup financing tool by startups for startups
UBS. »

About Ivory Coast Innovation 20 (#Ci20)
#Ci20 is a college of innovation companies brought together in a syndicate form. his goal
To unite the best startups in Ivory Coast and to be their spokesperson. With 11 National Excellence Award winners and over 85 national and international awards, the 15 young entrepreneurs who make up #Ci20 have never had an ambition but to make the flag of Côte d’Ivoire shine. This is by creating thousands of jobs.
With this ultimate goal, they have come together to provide hubs to the highest authorities to help establish an appropriate regulatory framework by working from start to finish on the Startup Act in 2021 and enhancing competitiveness. Ivorian Start – UPS with premium and controlled access to finance and markets through the STARTUP4GOUV initiative. In short, give Côte d’Ivoire and Africa the true national tech champions by appointing ambassadors and innovation nuggets by the government.
About SASEN (Exposition of African Startups and the Digital Economy) SASEN is the international exhibition for the exhibition, exchange and promotion of startups and technology solutions.
Francophonie in Service of Development Challenges in the African Continent organized by #CI20.