“Cicadas looking for ants” … Lee Segal, Citizens Clubs Funding Alternative Projects and Committed

Do you know Segal? These groups of citizens offer their support to those who have set up alternative projects in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. They help them with financing but not only…we show you.

Seagal Clubs have been in France for 40 years. Cigales stands for “Investor Clubs for the Alternative and Domestic Administration of Solidarity Savings”. These groups consist of about fifteen people on average, and are intended to finance and support projects that are being implemented in the regions. There are 11 clubs in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region and about 200 clubs in France.

“Each Ziz can, per year, bring in savings capital from 5 to 6000 euros to fund projects. Over ten years, we have been able to support 225 project leaders and fund 108 projects. We have loaned 265,000 euros” Explains Daniel Henselen, who is highly invested in developing cicadas at a regional level.

He, for example, does not have large savings but invests up to 30 euros per month in his sigals to allow for redistribution on projects in which he strongly believes. “Anyone can do something with their money and their network to support the project leaders. We fund but we also provide all of our resources in terms of training, networks and skills. It is also a place for economic and grassroots culture” is the details.

The main thing is the soul. This is how local residents can support logical projects, in which people find themselves.

Daniel Henslin, member of Segal

Cigales receive people, called “ants,” who have financing needs. “We are very independent in our decision-making. We have preferences and we can support them depending on what connects us with people. It is a win-win situation. We put our time and money so we have more people who want to succeed. And that creates a community” Daniel continues.

On average, although this can vary significantly, six projects are supported and two projects are funded annually by Cigales. Support can last for several years. Cicadas helped local currency La Pive, cooperative funeral directors in Dijon, cooperative shop La Cambuse in Lons-le-Saunier or Cirque-Théâtre Équestre Jehol.

Daniel Henselin also cites the example of “L’île, café-canteen shop” in Ornans, an organic grocery canteen or “Du vent dans les fleurs,” a coffee shop and grocery store in solidarity for the revival of the village of Montcenis, in Saône-et-Loire.

To be cigaliers or cigaliers is to be a human being, each with his own wealth and experience, with different but complementary paths and horizons.

Seagal Newsletter

Les Cigales intervenes in several ways with regard to financial assistance. When it is a for-profit business, minority shares in the company can be acquired. “When you are in the capital, you can subscribe to the current accounts of the partners, which is equivalent to a loan” Daniel Henslin explains. Many associations are also helped. This is the case, for example, for the association La Furieuse, director of the cafe and restaurant Le Pixel in Besançon.

“For associations, we can make contributions by right of acquisition or honor loan. Both at 0% rate” He continues, explaining that the money will be recovered in the following years, after an agreement with the project leaders.

“The financial aspect should not be an obstacle. It is important to say this, because many people think that they cannot participate due to lack of funds. We have a diverse group of people who represent civil society, and who through their network, their skills are able to bring” Daniel Henslin immediately warns. Everyone can join a Cigale or create a new one with the help of other citizens. Moreover, many of them are currently being established, notably in Belfort, Lure and Ornans or even Saint-Amour and Cluny.

We have a charter, we have rules of course, but it’s the people who decide how we participate in the project. It is our money, which we lend to the people in front of us.

Daniel Henselin, Segaler

Five “Annual Call for Projects” meetings are organized on Saturday 28 May in Bourgogne-Franch-Comté. The meeting places are Besançon (25), Audencourt (25), Quitigny (21), Monsigns-le-Crosseau (71), and Champagne (39). You will attend many “cicada clubs”. These meetings aim to bring together clubs in the area and project leaders who are looking for support and/or funding.

more information :

CIGALES Burgundy Franch-Comté Association
Phone: 06 88 50 12 63
Email: cigales.bourgognefranchecomte@gmail.com
Website: www.cigales-bourgognefranchecomte.fr

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