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Since 2015, the City of Paris and the company Seamast have led “CoSto”, a device that allows local businesses to use digital tools to boost their businesses. In 2021, a free in-store demo digital training program was launched to help them out of the crisis. The first session started at the beginning of June.

A win-win system

CoSto (Connected Stores) is an original initiative led by Seamast, a subsidiary of the City of Paris, that allows merchants and artisans to use digital tools to develop their businesses. With the health crisis and the closure of many stores, a digital presence is now essential for merchants to connect with their customers and provide a complementary sales channel to their physical store.

In this context, Paris and Semaest launched the CoSto “One Student – ​​One Connected Merchant” program to support the digital transition of merchants and enable them to get started. Each volunteer trader benefits from a 3-month internship, where the Digital Technology Intern helps them learn basic web tools or improve their already existing digital presence.

To make it easier for students to get job opportunities and digitize merchants, Smit has accommodated two students on the basis of work and study. Clemens and Jeremy have just completed their “Web Designer for Digital Marketing” training provided by WebForce 3, a school named “The Code of Paris” by the City of Paris. These students, under the supervision of Seamast’s CoSto team, provide digital training for volunteer traders. This support is provided free of charge to independent Parisian merchants and artisans.

Focus on a few supported merchants

Lankerer – Stationery

Lancryer is a small, independent paper mill acquired by Jean-Marc Maupuel over 3 years ago. Despite the sharp display of beautiful papers, original pens and notebooks, and school supplies, this neighborhood store needs to boost its visibility and develop its customers in the face of competition from online brands and mass distribution.

Lancreer – 34 rue de Lancre – Paris 10

Jean-Marc Maupuel in front of a Lankerer store

Testimony of Jean-Marc Maupuel

“I responded to the offer” 1 student -1 online merchant By receiving a prospecting email.
I must admit that I immediately liked the idea. I was at a standstill trying to build a sales site on my own, then Facebook and Instagram. I am completely lost in this maze! I had to figure it out with help, and that’s what prompted me to come to you. Since then I met a coach from Cousteau who assessed what I had put in and we started from the beginning. My coach Sabrina is very pedagogical with me and finds keywords until I become independent in managing social networks. On a practical scale as a small trader, mastering social networks is essential.
Thanks for helping us! ”

La Cantina de Gloria – caterer in Latin America

Gloria wants her customers to discover the street food flavors of her native Colombia. But many of them have little time for lunch. To serve them up quickly, Gloria has just launched a click and collect service. Built into their showcase website, this space still needs to be optimized to be operational.

Gloria Avila Certificate

“I run my business on my own and have neither the time nor the skills to properly take care of the digital part of my business. It is very important to be in a good position to be visible.

I think it is a very good initiative to help small traders who need enlightenment and support in digitizing their business. It gives them confidence in the right tools and exploits all the digital capabilities of their activism. Personally, I find it difficult to organize myself to manage all the platforms and networks associated with my business. The review by Clémence made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses and was very useful to be in good standing. It is also useful to be aware of new applications to be able to manage social networks more easily. During August I will not be in France, but we will continue to work at a distance with Clemens.”

Emeu kidstore – a concept store for children

After a career in publishing, in 2019, Antoine Emeu created Kidstore, an eco-friendly concept store for children. The store offers a fun and original selection of books, toys, clothes and decorations that respect the environment and people. In addition to his store, Antoine put his online store in 2020, which references all his products and reinforces his values. To stand out better on search engines, he needs to improve the natural referral of his site.

Economic and Monetary Union website

Testimony of Antoine Duquesne

“When you are a freelancer you have to manage everything and you don’t always have the time or the technical skills for the digital part. The current context requires you to be highly reactive and I was looking for accurate and targeted help. I also appreciate the vocational training system which adds real value to the student and the employer. I am excited Very.From the first exchanges,intern’s contribution has been very rich andhelpful.The review phase also taught me many lessons and immediate,concrete and simple courses of action.The recommendations made combine common sense and technical expertise.This is what I expected.I have a detailed roadmap to improve my online presence,with the help of Apprentice right now and then on my own after that.”

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