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Could you tell us what are the retail media?

The dissemination of retail media coincides with the moment when consumers began to switch from physical, in-store, to online purchases with the advent of e-commerce. Hence retail media is an online reproduction of commercial animations found in stores such as the ends of gondolas. To make this animation available, it was necessary to develop technology that would make it possible to display personalized ads in real time throughout the consumer’s online shopping journey, taking into account stocks, prices and the peculiarities of each point of sale. This is what Criteo offers to retailers, manufacturers and media agencies with its Criteo Retail Media offering. Today, in France, the media retail activity is expanding rapidly and represents a market of close to 500 million euros. For Criteo, in 2021, the Retail Media offering was marked by a growth of 58%.

What is your professional background and what is your role at Criteo?

I joined Criteo in 2017, when the company started offering retail media solutions. It was a real opportunity to get to the beginning of this adventure and to be able to contribute to its acceleration in Europe. My role was first to explain the retail media and its benefits, particularly the importance of monetization for the major players in the retail sector. While some retailers have been industry leaders, such as Carrefour or Fnack-Darte, there was a real need for others to understand the interest and suitability of retail media solutions and technologies.

Concretely, the retail media allows them to take advantage of additional income thanks to the monetization of their advertising stocks. This margin can then be reinvested in gaining traffic, lowering prices, or other services that are beneficial to consumers.

In 2018, Criteo acquired Storetail, a French start-up specializing in retail media, enabling us to accelerate our growth in this sector of activity. For my part, it has strengthened my role by jointly managing teams with advertisers, brands and agencies in France. Then, over the years and publication of Criteo in this activity, I had the opportunity to expand my geographical (Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands) and administrative work. Today, I have the pleasure and privilege of managing a highly talented team with a wealth of experience in retail, media and CPG, which I can count on to develop activity across the region, in both mature and existing markets as well as in new European nations.

What is Criteo’s role with brands and distributors?

Criteo offers a platform for brands and their media agencies, allowing them to speak on the distributor’s merchant site through targeted communications (sponsored products, displays, etc.). And for distributors, we adapt our cooperation according to their needs. For example, E. Leclerc chose to access our technology platform as a white label, thus selling and operating it on its own. It is also possible for distributors to contact our sales team. This is especially the case for Carrefour. In this context, the Criteo teams, in collaboration with the Carrefour Links teams, advise advertisers on the communication strategy to be implemented and support them in their reading performance.

In an effort to better meet the needs of our customers, Criteo Retail Media has experienced robust growth over the past two years. We have integrated over a hundred global retailers such as Target, Macy’s, Carrefour, Auchan, 120 partner agencies and more than a thousand brands. In France, 8 of the 12 largest French distributors operating in retail media are now Criteo’s partners.

Does retail media have a consumer interest?

In fact, this solution has many advantages for the consumer. It allows him to take advantage of a purchase path in which advertising is not intrusive. She is a citizen of hers and corresponds to her research. Retail media also allows buyers to discover new products, new brands, or new connections, without leaving the site or disrupting their online browsing. Everything is fluid for the consumer.

What is the future of retail media?

Retail media is growing and appears to be essential for all retail operators in the future. Whether you are a retailer or a CPG brand, retail media is now a must. At Criteo, our priority in 2022 is to accelerate the deployment of our platform so that brands and advertisers can benefit from technology that adapts to all retail locations, regardless of the sector of activity (GSS, food…).

This also includes enabling the self-service retail media offering through our platform to address the transparency and simplification challenges that advertisers have come to expect, particularly with real-time access to spend and performance for their multi-brand systems.

Finally, we continue to innovate and enrich our value proposition with partner brands and advertisers thanks to the versatility of our solutions, from sponsored product to video and insights. This allows our partner brands to increase their commercial budgets, but also to stimulate their marketing and media budgets. The goal is to diversify revenue sources while maximizing communication channels and improving performance for our advertisers.

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