Cultural week in departmental museums

Albert Cannes Provincial Museum

♦ Tuesday May 10 at 11:15 amThe department offers the public a unique visit about tea celebrations Slow, precise movements then savor the drinks… The Japanese tea ceremony, a ritual encouraging meditation, is performed by the Urasinki School in the tea pavilion in the garden.
an average : 10 € – reduced price €7 – upon reservation :

♦ Tuesday May 10 at 6:30 pmThe department offers the public a guided tour entitled ” focus engineering Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the museum designed by Kengo Kuma highlights the peaceful and humane project of Albert Kahn, a banker at the beginning of the 20th century.And a century. A session dedicated to the building and its architectural language.
an average : 10 € – reduced price €7 – upon reservation :

♦ Tuesday May 10 at 7:30 pmThe administration presents the public with a meeting about The journey to the woman, liberation by leaving Echoing the temporary exhibition, journalist and traveler, Lucy Azima sheds light on the character of a traveler, from the nineteenth century to the present day. Audiences are invited to discover how gender influences the travel experience.
Price: 10 euros – reduced price: 7 euros – by reservation:

Oaks-Loup Valley County – Al Mashtal

♦ Thursday, May 12th at 2:30 pm, The department presents to the public a workshop on horticulture in the nursery on ” topiary trim During this workshop, professionals provide useful tips and advice for the garden.
Free – by reservation Parks Gardens – Reservations @Delete

♦ Sunday 15 May at 3 pmThe Department offers the public a spring picnic to enjoy the botanical collections of this exceptional garden.
Free – go to the square at 102 rue de Chateaubriand in Chatenay-Malabre.

Vallée-aux-Loups County Estate – House of Chateaubriand

♦ Friday May 13 at 8 pmThe department presents the audience with a reading presentation entitled ” Tolstoy and Hugo are back “. And if the two greatest giants of Russian and French literature of the nineteenth centuryAnd Century met? If they return among us, what will they think of our world, with its moral, scientific and technical development?
Comedy by Danielle Gasiglia. With Arnaud Laster, Pierre-François Lamiraud, Fabienne Vette and Danièle Gasiglia.
an average : 10 € – reduced price : 7 € – upon reservation : 01 55 52 13 00 or Reservations-@chateaubriandDelete

♦ Sunday, May 15 at 4 pm, The department offers the audience an original theatrical visit entitled ” Chateaubriand Memories Thus visitors can relive his travels, his works and his art. But also feelings, heartbreaks, loved ones, inner storms, revolutions… From the sometimes contradictory politician to the eternal lover, this visit reveals all these aspects of Chateaubriand, his greatness and his misery for this Genius man.
Written by Compagnie Carré Blanc on the blue background with Sophie Stalport, director, Emmanuel Marquez, script, Emmanuel Marquez and Pascal Neron, interpretation.
an average
: 10 € – reduced price : 7 € – upon reservation : 01 55 52 13 00 or Reservations-@chateaubriandDelete

Sectional area of ​​Sceaux

♦ Saturday 14 May at 3 pmThe department offers the public a tour of the permanent collections. In the castle of the Second Empire in Treviso, follow the history of the site and its owners since the 17th centuryAnd to XXAnd a century.
Period : 1h15 – price : 6 € – reduced price : 4 € – by reservation at 01 41 87 29 71 or Risa. @museedomainesceauxDelete

♦ Saturday 14 May from 6 pm to 8 pm, As part of the “European Museums Night”, the department presents to the public a show entitled ” Aurora dolls CM2 pupils at Sophie Barratt School in Chatenay-Malabre become cultural smugglers and present, with large puppets, the dome of the Aurore Pavilion painted by Charles Le Brun (“Class, work!”).
Meet in front of the wing.

♦ Sunday, May 15 at 10 am, The department offers the public a drawing workshop for the whole family entitled ” Let’s draw an animal optimistic like the 18th century paintersAnd a century Visitors get a presentation of the stages of drawing a drawing in red chalk, then they can then apply what they learned and then go home with their work.
Period : 2 hours – from 8 years old – one price : 8 euro

♦ Sunday 15 May at 2:30 pmThe department offers the public a drawing workshop on ” Still life in red chalk and white chalk Ropes, grapes, curtains, poles… Each participant chooses an idea, from the exhibit or the proposal, to paint a still life.
Period : 3 hours – program upon reservation : 01 41 87 29 71 orRisa. @museedomainesceauxDelete

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