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Sales 2022: When do they start?

during the sales periodStores are allowed to apply more or less discount on unsold items. The aim of this provision is to help them sell their stock of products. This is an ancient practice that emerged with the advent of mass distribution in the 19th century. Simon Menoury, founder of the boutique in 1830″ Little St Thomas “that will become” good market », the first Parisian department store, it will be in the original.

Sales have always been one of the best trading times for merchants and consumers alike. They allowed the former to attract more customers by selling at a discount (or even at a loss!) the products in question. A marketing process that also satisfies consumers, and they are happy to be able to do good business.

Until a few years ago, images of people rushing into stores as soon as the signs were opened were the subject of television news reports. But the Internet is slowly changing this habit. The emergence of the era of e-commerce, full of discounts, rebates, etc. ” Black Friday Public interest in sales undermined. Especially since cuts aren’t necessarily synonymous with “good business.”

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Sales, Black Friday, France Days 2022: Dates

Summer Sale 2022 From Wednesday, June 22 to Tuesday, July 19
France Autumn 2022 From Friday, September 30 to Monday, October 3
Black Friday 2022 : Friday, November 25th
Online Weekend 2022 Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November
two internet Monday 28th November
Winter Sale 2023 From Wednesday, January 11 to Tuesday, February 7

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Sale periods are regulated by law

This commercial practice is governed by the Decree of May 27, 2019 of the Commercial Code, specifically Article L.310-3. The latter establishes not only the dates and times of the start of sales periods, but also their duration.

According to the law, the winter sales Starts on the second Wednesday of January at 8 am. If this day arrives after January 12th, their date will be brought forward to the first Wednesday of the same month. Summer sales start on the last Wednesday in June at 8am. If this day occurs after the 28th of this month, then the date will be brought forward to the penultimate Wednesday.

Since January 1, 2020, the sales period has been set at four weeks. In the past, it could have lasted up to 6 weeks.

for the year 2022, summer sales It should start, with some exceptions (as was the case in June 2021 due to Covid-19), on Wednesday 22nd June and end on Tuesday 19th July. Note, however, that some geographical areas do not adhere to the rules of Article L.310-3. This is especially the case in some border regions such as Alpes Maritimes, Corsica, Pyrenees Orientales, Vosges and some external regions.

Thus, summer 2022 sales are scheduled to take place on the first Wednesday of July at the Pyrenees Orientals and Alpes Maritimes. It will run from Wednesday 13 July to Tuesday 9 August 2022 in Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. In Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, the law states that it begins every year on the first Wednesday after July 14.

Abroad, the summer sale will take place in October. In Guadeloupe, it will take place from September 24 to October 21. Martinique, the first Thursday of the month is expected and in Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, the second Saturday.

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What are the best opportunities to profit from sales?

The seasonal sales Considered the best time for do a good job. They offer the advantage of being spread out over several weeks and generally including three write-offs. If the second and third wide markdowns offer the best discounts (up to -80%), we should not forget that the most requested items and products generally leave the first few days.

In addition to these periods, other days of the year give way to deep discounting. These include, among others, Black Friday It was fairly recent in France and imported from the United States. During this day, scheduled for November 25 in 2022, the applicable discounts pertain to all products, but a special focus is placed on the high-tech and e-commerce category.

Black Friday, a real marketing process, tends to become more popular than the sales period because it happens a few weeks into the Christmas holidays. Little by little, it also extends in time. There are now “preview” offers in the previous days. The next day will be held in online weekend », followed by Cyber ​​Monday. In total, the event extends over the course of an entire week, and is called ” black week “.

At the beginning of May and the end of September, other online promotions are offered thanks to the ” French days Six electronic brands (Cdiscount, rue du Commerce,, Baker, Fnac-Darty…) is the origin of this business process mainly related to high-tech products and equipment, born in 2018.

Periods of “removal of stock”, “promotions” or “special sales” may take place throughout the year. But unlike the official sales period, it is forbidden to sell at a loss, that is, to resell a product at a price below the purchase price or cost.

Consumers who can wait to equip themselves now have every interest in planning their purchases during these periods to take advantage of the good deals. However, the danger is not in finding the exact product that one would like to have.

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Summer Sale 2022: Traders are not allowed to do anything

The sales periodsThe law continues to protect the consumer. An item sold at a discount does not deprive the buyer of warranties for hidden defects or conformity.

Thus, the statement ” Do not return nor exchange It is, in many cases, not applicable. It can only be legal if the product is sold as, in fact, defective, justifying its lower price. Likewise, the consumer does not waive his right of withdrawal when he purchases a good for sale.

The Waltz from the labels It is also controlled. Merchants are required to clearly display the reference price and the discounts applicable to each item sold. In the event of false discounts (the article is shown as for sale while its price is identical to the previous period), fraud prevention services can be seized.

Finally, merchants cannot restock to increase their inventory of products for sale. However, they can sell items outside the sale. This is also one of the advantages of this period: if they sell, sometimes at a loss, part of their inventory, they attract customers who are likely to be interested in new products.

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Summer Sales 2022: What about online practices?

The Online sales Subject to the same rules as in stores. In fact, Article L.310-3 of the Commercial Code also applies to Online business. However, it is not affected by the exception applicable to certain geographic areas, regardless of the company’s head office.

Therefore companies located in regions that apply different sales periods and practice distance selling must comply with Article L.310-3 with respect to their online activities.

Where and how do you find the best deals during sales?

It all depends on individual needs. A product bought at a low price will only be a good deal if it is really useful to the person who is buying it. Physical stores and e-commerce portals offer interesting items during the sale.

Purchasing in the store offers the advantage of being able to get items on the spot and judge their quality. It is especially suitable for clothing, as it allows you to experiment and immediately get an idea. On the contrary, e-commerce sites suggest having to wait a few days. That’s why in-store sales are always popular.

However, online sales allow you to take advantage of more flexibility to avoid the sometimes large number” Shopaholics » Found in stores during the first sale. But to do good business with online stores, you need to pay close attention to the delivery details. Comparing the prices shown on different websites for the same product also helps to get the best deal.

Private sale sites also allow you to purchase products at bargain prices during these periods. You will find top brand clothing, cosmetics, children’s accessories and many other items at remarkably low prices.

As always, don’t rush to buy from an unknown website just because they have a great offer. The The web is full of scams. Prefers recognized sites with many customer reviews.

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