“Desperately looking for kids, Karel Ariana, red in a size 39. Yes, Karel’s, with 3 buckles”

Two French companies based in Paris have organized a form of Omnichannel customer service World Cup; In the footwear category, a vital category (just look at department size and department store shoe spaces), Carell took the gold there, tied with Le Bon Marché. L’Exception, a well-known concept store, proved difficult to come by. And fartech…

Claims Karel – 1965

Keen to understand and discover whether a network of stores associated with a functional e-commerce site still has a future, the editorial team at En-Contact magazine, using easy software, tried:

  • For an iconic pair of shoes, Ariana Babes in red. For those who are not closely related within their homes,addicted As for these comfortable ballet flats, Ariana, a type of popular Kina shoes, has a heel of 2 cm in height and can be seen and worn somewhat like a ballerina, and like other models of this brand that Frédérique Picard has acquired, Seriously modernizes a French brand. Mrs. Macron, Angell and other elegant women before them, such as Audrey Hepburn, will highly appreciate them.
  • To join for this purpose the customer services of Carel, 24 Sèvres, Farftech, concept store l’Exception and other major shoe sellers. Because in real life, when the chosen one from your heart is interested in something, she wants to wear it quickly, on the same evening. Les click and collect des marques s’avèrent alors in dispensables mais, pour plus de sécurité, le mari ou compagnon amoureux tente de sécuriser son déplacement : il contacte généralement alors la boutique, le service client du e-marchand, afin de savoir Available.
    The results of this exclusive benchmark will be published on June 9th, During easyware’s ‘Brands of Love’ day But we can reveal some findings and lessons.

Some results and lessons.

Brands firmly became a comprehensive channel : We had easy access to the 24 Sèvres service, from Carel but not the Farftech service, nor the Exception service. For La Samaritaine (operated by DFS) or Le Printemps, some delicious tidbits will be revealed. “We no longer have Karel. Ah! Is the brand still on our site? I’m going to have to show it on the site.”

Two of the three customer service advisors who helped us effectively were working remotely from home, they informed us “At Bon Marché there is now a remote working charter and I am already answering you from home, sets Cécile Asseray”, very professional and attentive to whoever plays the anxious spouse “

The fronds go to Annick, whose cell phone number appears directly on Carel’s website.

“So there are a couple at 39, in Neuilly-sur-Seine stores and on Victor Hugo Street,” she confirmed after conducting her investigation in less than two hours.

Being ubiquitous with stores is not a panacea.

“In less than a year, remote sales generated by e-commerce, that is, the site, which comes from Instagram, etc., now account for 70% of sales,” identifies Romain Broussard, Head of Carel Communications. We will not open stores in Asia, because Karel is associated with Paris and France; It is a piece of Paris, art of living and Parisian elegance that customers want to own. When Abercrombie and Fitch moved to Paris, that was the beginning of the downturn. What we appreciated in getting a product from them was bringing a piece back from New York City.”

How a brand can grow by staying true to its history and continuing to create and elicit emotion is the whole topic of an informative book, which comes out tomorrow: Retail Emotions, Retail in Motion.

A father and daughter, millennials, went to the stores of more than 26 brands, famous or not, but also in SNCF stations or in Monoprix. They share and confront their views, after this mysterious self-shopping. As can be seen from the advertising photo above, which dates back to 1965, the catalog-related phone has always been the basis of customer service.

to order the book, he is here.

To sign up for Love Brands Day, he is here.

To meet Carel’s small, enthusiastic team and celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary, you’ll have to go to Bains Douches tomorrow night.

Khalida who have stood the test of time
the home Karel She is best known for her slippers, pumps, slippers, oxfords, bikers, ankle boots, and waders. These timeless pieces have always been made in Italy and France. These workshops still contain mostly artisanal and manual production. Elegant models are equipped with soft leather (baby, dunked lamb, kangaroo) and full-grain leather (soft and resistant leather, shiny and supple).

Brand story, still valid despite 60 years
1952: Georges Carrel opens the first store in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. The creation of Charles IX, the high-heeled shoe with an ankle strap. Colors explode, fresh varnish invades the street. This 5cm tall trot is worn by all women.
1960. Scattered Paris: Young children and horses are provided with a small bow. The brand is then available in New York and Tokyo.
1970. Karel finds himself on the catwalks. Her sewing opened the doors. The two artists are Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. Marquez, the iconic model, was born women want moccasins, something masculine. The shape is gentle, the skin is thin and allows you to lie flat.
1980. Karel’s empire is backed by the House of Karvill. The brand, founded by Henry Lederman, has the biggest names in its stores: from the Shah of Iran to the Playboys on the Champs-Elysees. Jacques Dutronic immortalizes him in one of his songs. Together, the duo formed Carrell for her and Carvell for him. Carrell invents a new hit: ballerina Souris, while Carvel becomes timeless with moccasins with pompoms: Le Triomphe.
1990: Karel and Carville are on the Web.
Karel Store. 2 Tronchet Street. 75008 Paris.

Karel’s story summary written by Corinne Gemett for FranceInfo.

1 photo: Kina pumps © DR

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